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Oct 9, 2008
New England
DRC Forum Guidelines

Please read these carefully, registering and posting on this site signifies your acceptance of these forthcoming rules.

*Read the DRC FAQ: Digital Radio Central - FAQ

*Use the search function to see if your question has already been answered in the forums.

*Do not use profanity or post NSFW, offensive, pornographic, or derogatory pictures.

*Do not post links to torrent files that share copyrighted, profane, NSFW, pornographic or derogatory materials.

*The xL forums allow profanity and other items not suited for those under 18 that pertain to the shows. Please read at your own risk.

*Do not post the same question in multiple forums. More than likely, we have the correct forum for your question.

*Stay on topic. If you have a different question, start a new thread so your question does not get lost.

*Do not bump threads to move them to the top of the forum list.

*Do not spam the forum with unsolicited advertising or rhetoric. If you do, you will be banned.

*Do not be abusive toward other members. We realize that we are an online community, and appreciate your common sense on what language is acceptable in a certain forum. No "signature bashing."

*Do not spread any “fanboyism.” We have a site that was created with everything radio in mind. We expect everyone to be respectful of other people’s opinions, likes, and dislikes.

*We will not allow “trolling.”

*Do not register multiple aliases. We will identify those and you will be banned.

*No unnecessary posting (post whoring).

*No CAPS LOCK. This means that you are shouting and it makes posts hard to read.

*Please use the Report a Post button
for issues.

We reserve the right to change or edit these as we see fit. We will advise you what has been changed, if and when it happens.

Enjoy the forums.
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