Dover Nationwide and Truck Race....


Nov 30, 2008
Buckeye Lake, Ohio
No posts about the races today?? Thought for sure I'd see some...anywho...

CONGRATS to Brian Scott on his win in the Truck Race and to Brian K. for his Nationwide victory. Kyle B had a bad day in both races....after leading the majority of both races he just couldn't close the deal. In the Nationwide race he checked up and got rear ended by his teammate Joey L. and in the truck race he blew a tire. Lot's of tire problems for the trucks today.

Great listening on Sirius, sure wish I coulda seen them on TV. Especially the truck race, listening to MRN and their rants on Kyle and his passing so many folks made it sound real exciting....had hoped for Hornaday to pull this one out...but, tires, tires, tires today.

Can't wait til as it's about 1:45 am:p Hope to be parked in time to watch the end of the cup race. My main man Jeff, wrecking in qualifying???? Sure hope he can get the backup going good for the race.


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Oct 21, 2008
I can see Uranus from here
I listened to the Nationwide race on sirius. It was exciting to listen to. Bagman does a great job calling the race, i like it even more when Moody is with him. Those two calling a race together, radio gold.


Oct 23, 2008
South of Terre Haute
No posts about the races today?? Thought for sure I'd see some...

I thought the same thing Friday night and all day yesterday. People say that the NCWS is the best thing going, and there wasn't even a mention here about the race being cancelled Friday night.

Yesterday I couldn't sit and watch the race, but caught the end of it. Interesting contact between teammates.

My AF son will be stationed in Dover by mid-Sept, as C5 copilot, so I'm looking forward to four years of coming to the races twice a year.

Have a good race day all!