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Discussion in 'SiriusXM Soundwave Cafe' started by medmondson, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. DAB

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    I think that those that subscribe for just talk are pretty slim, so naturally the focus is usually music. However, from what I've gather reading through many forums and blogs. It seems that they are going to try to take care of the music channels first because so many of them are alike or similar. Then they will eventually do the same on talk channels. So it is coming, but we don't even know what is officially happening on music, right now even that is just a bunch of speculation.
  2. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    To each their own but it also doesn't make sense to have 2 distinct comedy channels, 2 old time radio channels, 2 left channels and 2 right channels for the same reasons that it doesn't makes sense to have 2 80s channels.
  3. ctkatz

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    i would agree. i think what i and some other people are looking at are not the overall genre of the channel but the specifics of it. some of the stuff on hair metal could easily be put on the totally 80s channel. i know that some songs on 60s vibrations are also advertised in the display as being on soul town. my point was that if the narrow genre of the channels were really similar, they should be combined. combine left of center and xmu, call the new channel sirix u. combine 20 on 20s and sirius hits 1, call the new channel sirius hits on 20s. stuff like that. this is why i do not get all of that handwringing. while it is unfortunate that people are losing their jobs, having two positions for one combined channel is really wasteful spending.

    when you were talking about the comedy channels, really you have two types of comedy: your clean comedy (heywood banks, weird al, etc.) and you have your not-so-clean comedy. i can understand having two channels there.

    and you know, i would like to have 2 left and 2 right politcal channels available. one of all syndicated shows and the other all in-house shows. i would even do one better- i would have a channel of talk shows of people with different poltical views.
  4. DAB

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    The channel names are sort of irrelevant as long as they take the content from both sides a create a really good channel. I don't see the making a lot of channel name changes, but what I do see them doing is improving the programming with shows or programs from both sides to make it appealing to both sides. If they do this right they can keep everyone fairly happy.

    I feel the comedy channels will be combined, you will probably continue with The Foxhole as a separate Celebrity channel.

    Talk will be interesting, because as you said there are those channels with syndicated programming and those with in-house programming. So it seems they would have to keep both of each.

    We really won't know any of this till the big wigs at SiriusXM decide to tell us and that goes for the music side too.
  5. ctkatz

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    to people like you and me, the channel names mean nothing. but to a lot of those people, the channel names matter. they have the impression that sirius is dumping all the xm channels and replacing it with their channels. so to ease their misguided fears, i say give them all new channel names. that way the great unwashed can be comfortable in knowing that sirius didn't "takeover" all the channels when it's more than likely what they did.
  6. DAB

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    You make a great point and I think doing a renaming would be a smart move, I just don't see Sirius doing it. I don't give them much credit though honestly. I do think initially subscribers will give the channels a chance and if they are programmed right, the names in the long term won't matter. Now if they fail to change the names and also don't improve playlist or also offer us some of the same programming from the current XM channels then this will be doomed to fail from the get go.
  7. TX WJ

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    If XM has 75 Music Channels and 50 Sports / Talk Channels and lets say Sirius has the same, it doesn't make sense to have 150 Music Channels and 100 Sports / Talk Channels.

    It also doesn't make sense to have 75 Sirius/ XM Music Channels and 50 Sports / Talk channels.

    I would like to see us end up wuth 100 Music Channels and 75 Sports / Talk Channels for those that get everything.

    Remember we are going to have some dead channels (content that very few will be listening to) that they agreed to so that this merger would go through.

    But we should be able to keep unique channels like Cinemagic, The Village, etc.
  8. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Yeah those channels that were promised for the minority groups have yet to be allocated, so that will need to happen. Not sure what the deadline is on that.

    I do think there will remain some unique channels on each service as this is what will keep folks subscribing to each service. If they simulcasted all channels on both services, then there would be no need to keep subscriptions to both. Many would just cancel and keep XM or SIRIUS and add another cheaper sub under that plan.

    I would love to know the number of actual dual subscribed customers.
  9. Manco

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    They will have to cut some music channels of course to meet the agreement of the merger. This is the biggest risk I see over the next year, cutting existing programming, or reducing sound quality.
  10. DAB

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    Well if you consider the amount of bandwidth these channels will be allocated will likely be talk format, so you take out 2 music channels and you're done.
  11. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    I thought that was something they couldn't do.

    On the XM side they have another issue ... channel numbers. I think they are almost out.
  12. ClubSteeler

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    Mel's latest video says that we are going to have 130 channels. So... Sounds like the channel numbers running out is not an issue and sound quality should improve.

    Mel Karmazin Video Provides Some Answers - SiriusBuzz
  13. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    I can't watch the video at work ... but XM has 170 channels. Granted 15 of them are for baseball. But this means they would do an end-around the FCC and their restrictions on channel reductions.
  14. ClubSteeler

    ClubSteeler Member

    I didn't watch it either. I'm just going by the comments.

    I wonder if that 130 includes the 12 new channels mandated for minority progrmming too.
  15. TimTimSalabim

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    There's a shortage of numbers now? Wow, these are tough times :)

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