diversity?? NOT

Discussion in 'NASCAR' started by CountessBathory, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. easy money you are so right about the financials.
  2. Dave Moody

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    It's an interesting idea, but where would we race stock cars in the inner city?
  3. Well if the what ever species it is they want to preserve in Staten Island could be evicted and put somewhere else, we can have a track there. We have Riverhead on the Island, great place for showing off our local talent. This is a Joke ALL use YANKEE STADIUM (the new and old) for great short dirt tracks.
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    Kristen Bumbera was in Tradin' Paint today. She's a second generation racer. She hit the nail on the head that all she wants is a chance to race and prove herself. I think she'll do good...:)

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