Deep Tracks rocks your face!


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Nov 27, 2008
Deep Tracks is my favorite channel, and I'm glad it survived the merge. But I always thought The Vault covered the middle ground that was missing from DT and the hits channels. DT is not just about the songs, but is about creating a listening experience that becomes completely enveloping. It's awesome what they're doing on that channel, but it was nice to venture over to The Vault from time to time to hear something more traditionally song-based.


Nov 22, 2008
I agree. I like the depth from mostly known artists that The Vault played while mixing in some more familiar tunes. With Deep Tracks, I don't even know a fair amount of the artists they play (Vinegar Joe, anyone?? :confused:). Just too obscure on a regular basis for me.

It seems that those who swear by DT prefer anything by anyone as long as they never heard it, or better yet, never heard OF it. Why does obscurity make something better or oblige one to listen. I tune in and give stuff a try, but if I don't care for it, I'm gone.

To each his own, but one more channel relegated down the list of presets for me due to the XM-ing of the classic rock lineup. Rewind is all but gone for me and Real Jazz is on the cusp. They're even in the process of destroying their own highly regarded channel, The Loft (see discussion on XMfan in the rock section). Even the Xm zealots are not happy with this one.

Ain't it the truth! :yesshake: