Daily Uncensored Show Beginning July 30th

Discussion in 'RadioIO' started by chewypgh, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. chewypgh

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    Beginning July 30th, there will be a daily live uncensored show from 10am-12pm on Twitch and Bubba Army Radio.
  2. kryptonite

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    Oh crap. There goes my free time. I can't say if I can write them all up, but maybe a "when I can" basis. At least I finally gave them some money for the access.

    Let's see how long it lasts. Originally, it was a two-hour deal with the "Daily Debriefing" with a few of the back office and Jabberjaw. 25 had his Local 488 deal on Fridays.

    The uncensored show became an hour with a two-hour debriefing and then it ended before the original three-hour contract. He picked it back up about 2014 or 2015 with an occasional Thursday show...and even a sometimes Tuesday cleaner show...and here we are now.

    I remember hearing something about how he sold the house where the sex tape was made...it sounds like his financials aren't as good as they once were.
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  3. chewypgh

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    Bubba said they will be doing the 2 hour uncensored show daily until the end of the year and then they will evaluate if it is working and if they are going to quit terrestrial radio to do a daily 3 hour uncensored show instead. This comes on the heels of Bubba's Ft. Myers affiliate dropping the show at the end of last week.
  4. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    Advertising revenue can't be good for the terrestrial deal.

    I was listening to a bit today when MfB called in. They tuned into some other jabronies who were all sorts of raunchy and Bubba was wondering how they could get away with it.
  5. chewypgh

    chewypgh Member

    Bubba is already backtracking. Uncensored show will be only 3 days a week.

    Mon: Live Uncensored Show 10:15-12:00
    Tue: Live Uncensored Show 10:15-12:00
    Wed: Cluster F Radio 10:15-12:00
    Thu: Live Uncensored Show 10:15-12:00
    Fri: Buds & Suds or one of the other shows 10:15 - 12:00.

    Also Tuddle and Trace will return to the show beginning July 30th.
  6. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    Is he too busy trying to suck up to Scott Greenstein?

    I did see they had an uncensored show on Friday, but apparently they took forever to put it up.

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