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    Tennessee managed to keep it close in the 1st half, but they couldn't keep up with 'Bama's talent in the 2nd.

    As for Fulmer, I've heard a lot of varying opinions on that situation. Some people say that there's no way Tennessee is going to let Fulmer go, at least not after this season. They say Mike Hamilton, UT's athletic director, may not have the guts to fire Fulmer, who has been there as head coach since '93 and has a national championship.

    And then there's people who say Fulmer is in a world of trouble. I tend to agree with this. If they don't make it to a bowl game this season, I think you might see Fulmer leave. And at 3-5 right now, it's going to be difficult for them to do just that. They have 4 games left, so they'd have to go 3-1 to become bowl eligible, and they still have to go to South Carolina (next week) and to Vanderbilt. I don't see them winning either of those games. They'll probably beat both Wyoming and Kentucky to finish the season with a losing record of 5-7. If that happens, I think Fulmer is in trouble. Because at Tennessee, you're expected to compete for national championships each and every year. You're definitely expected to win the SEC every few seasons, and Fulmer hasn't done that in a long time (not since 1998, their national championship year). And their last BCS bowl appearance was in 2000 in the Fiesta Bowl. Outback Bowls, and Cotton Bowls, and Peach Bowls may be good at a lot of schools through out the nation, but at Tennessee, it's not good enough. Fulmer hasn't delivered in a long time.

    To add to that, the SEC has seen an infusion of a lot of new coaches over the past few years, and those teams seem to be on top of the SEC right now (Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, Les Miles, even Mark Richt going back to '01). So Tennessee might look at that also and think it's time for a change in Knoxville as well.
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    That's a picture of pyrite if you didn't know, also known as "fool's gold". And that's exactly what Penn State is. This team should be no where near the national title game, but that's exactly what may happen.

    Yes, winning in Columbus last night was nice, but how good is Ohio State really? How good is the Big 10 really? That conference is absolutely atrocious. Show me a big win for them outside of conference play. Wisconsin over Fresno State? Give me a break! The Big 10 had its chance when the Buckeyes went to LA, but they were pounded 35-3.

    Yeah, Penn State has played their little conference games and won, and that's cute and all, but they don't stack up to the other teams out there. No way they're beating Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Florida, even Missouri. Penn State is a decent team that, in all likelihood, is going to end up winning an awful conference. Penn State does not deserve a title shot. The Big Ten does not deserve to be represented in that game.

    EDIT: One more thing...the new AP and Coaches polls just came out. How in the world is Ohio State ranked number 13? Are people watching the same games as I am??? This is a case of people voting for the name on the front of the jerseys.
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    It's "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" next week in Jacksonville. Should be a really good game, probably very high scoring. But honestly, I don't really care! I'll be in Lubbock Saturday night to see (my) Red Raiders take on Texas in possibly the biggest game in TTU history! Wow, I am busting here, I don't think I've ever been so excited for one single game in my life. Can't wait! Hopefully they show up to play. :churn:
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    That purple drink looks very refreshing. Anyone who displays a fine assortment of decorative cocktail's as such, team deserves to win the big game. Would be really wild if the walk on kicker becomes the hero of that one
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    I know it wasn't the high powered offenses of the Big 12,but that was a damn good game. That was old fashioned defense. I get it you think Ohio State isn't that good and I get it that the rest of the country feels that way. That team is not the same one that got killed by USC. It's just not. They have a great defense and atleast a lot of NFL scouts think so and those guys don't just draft garbage. They dropped to 13 because they played and damn fine Penn State team. Penn State has a hell of a defense and an offense. I couldn't believe Ohio State held them to that many points.

    I'm in no way trying to start something with you. Like I said I get you don't want the Big Ten near that game,but Penn State is not Ohio State. They are for real and I think their defense could give fits to some Big 12 teams. Kansas State put up 28 on Oklahoma. Know one knows who could really beat who. Ole Miss beat Florida in the Swamp!!! You will probably get your wish if Texas and Alabama win out.

    The fact is no one knows who could beat who. You could say all that because those teams score a lot they could beat them,but I don't think they've played a defense that tough yet. Everyone said Ohio State would get killed against Miami in 02,but looked what happened..... Miami finally played a defense and they took it to them. I just hate when people play this what if game. I never play that game. Anyone can beat anyone on any given Saturday. Last year should have woke you up to that point. Let me ask you this was Georgia at the end of last year the same team that lost to South Carolina and the same team that got killed by Tennessee
    ??? I think not.
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    Believe me, there's no way Penn State could keep up with the top 5 Big XII teams. No chance. But you know what? I'm half-rooting for Penn State to be in that championship game (especially if Texas Tech manages to get there too). Yes, there's part of me that would like to see a good game, which would obviously not happen if Penn State were there. But there's another part of me that would love to see them get killed so we can finally stop paying attention to the Big Ten. At least for now, I know they'll be back eventually.

    That's my opinion, you can argue all you want for the Big Ten and say we really don't know who's best. I do. It's not Penn State.
  7. Ehilbert1

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    I'm not trying to argue for the Big Ten. I know its not that great. I can admit that. I'm not like SEC fans. I root for Ohio State and thats it. I don't root for a confrence. I do think Penn State is for real and I would love to see them in the title game to prove people like you wrong. You know a lot of people around the country think Texas Tech isn't for real and that they are part of a system. I guess we will find out when they play a half decent defense. I don't think that. I think they are that good. Like me you could give two shits less what people think,but ask yourself why aren't they getting more Heisman talk for their players??? It's because a lot of people think they are a system type team. Again I don't think that. I'm not going to argue with you we can agree to disagree,but like I said any team can win any game on any given saturday.
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    I'm the first to tell you that Texas Tech still has a lot to prove. If people want to doubt them, I can't argue. Tech has done nothing in their past to indicate they belong on the big stage. And so far this season, our biggest win is Kansas, a decent team, but no where near elite. I'm optimistic about the Texas game, but I'm not completely sold on Tech just yet either. I don't know if they're that good. Yes, they have the most talent ever under Leach, but the defense is still suspect in my mind.

    Believe me, there are a lot of Tech fans who are crying that we're being overlooked or disrespected, especially in the rankings. My reply to them, if we keep winning, the rankings and Heisman talk will all take care of itself. We win these next 3 games against UT, OK ST, and OU, we'll climb in the rankings, there's no getting around it. But I can't argue with people who say Tech isn't for real. They might not be. Like I said, I'm optimistic, but with our past, I'm also realistic.

    As far as Graham Harrell for Heisman goes, this kid is for real. In the past, with Kingsbury, Symons, Cumbie, and Hodges, I'd agree that their numbers were largely due to Leach's system. Same is the case for Harrell these past three seasons, but Graham also has a lot of talent. He could play QB on just about any team in the nation. But Tech is going to have to get to at least a BCS Bowl for him to have any kind of legitimate chance at winning it. That's just the way it goes when you play at Texas Tech. We're not Florida, or Texas, or USC, or Ohio State. The media doesn't get a hard-on for Tech like they do for those teams.
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    I just love how the know-it-alls are so quick to condemn Penn State and put others on a pedistal. Yet everyone is soooooo impressed with Alabamas defeats of exactly TWO ranked teams with only 1 more on their schedule assuming LSU can even stay ranked.

    Oh but wait the SEC is soooooooooooo good. Right?

    And Big12 fans. Give me a break. Please don't forget the DECADES where that conference had absolutely Nobody. A team like Nebraska could easily run the tables virtually untested, get into the championship game, while the tough Big10 and SEC knock eachother off, and Nebraska would go on to WIN the title game. So don't assume the weakness of the Big12 somehow meant that Neb couldn't win the big game, or didn't deserve to be there.

    I was a student at Penn State when we went 12-0 and were not even given the chance to play for the National Championship while a 1 loss Miami did. Until they have a playoff, we are all slaves to an algorithm. And this algorithm was partly put into place thanks to Penn State's 5 unbeaten seasons, of which ONLY ONCE DID THEY GET TO PLAY FOR THE NC!! In fact once we had back to back undefeated seasons and finished FIFTH!!!!

    So yeah, the Big10 is down this year. That's not our fault. How soon you all forget when your conferences were down and was costing us the NC. Get off your high horse. In addition we had Alabama on the schedule and they dropped us, not our fault that the replacement that had that week off was a cupcake. And until we find a good fit that wants to be the 12th team in the conference, the NCAA will not allow us to have a conference championship game. Once again, not our fault.

    Penn State has the second largest win differential in the country.
    They are the only team ranked top 10 in both O and D.
    They beat as many ranked teams as Alabama (and Texas) so far, although Tex will play more.
    They can not be held responsible for the collapse of Wisconsin and Michigan.

    As all of you whine and complain, put yourselves in our shoes. IS this year going to be the FIFTH time we get shut out of the NC and go undefeated? What more can we possibly do?

    Let me ask you this..... How many times have the worlds most beloved Notre Dame gone undefeated and not been given the NC? Yeah right. I remember when they got voted above a team with the same record who beat ND head to head.... Yet undefeated is not good enough if you're Penn State.

    The real goal of the BCS is 1 thing...... Pick 2 out of 3 or more tied teams. Period. SO Bama and Texas can stop their whining and take care of business. If you really are the 2 best teams, I'm sure you'll have the talent and the heart to win out... and we'll get screwed again... no big deal.. it'll be somehow justified in your eyes.
  10. AJ_II

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    Penn State beat a decent Ohio State team and a 4-4 Illinois team. Kudos. Texas has beaten not 2 ranked opponents, but 3. Actually, 3 top 10 teams (at the time)...Mizzou, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State.

    Look man, it's looking more and more like Penn State will get their shot. I doubt both Texas (or Texas Tech) and Alabama are going undefeated, so by default, Penn State will be in that top 2. They'll have their chance.
  11. AJ_II

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    You're forgetting they'll either have to play Georgia again, or Florida for the SEC Championship.

    I'm sorry, Penn State's schedule does not compare with the SEC schools or Big XII schools. Do you really want to argue that? Now, credit to them if they do run the table, that's all they can do. But it's a much easier road, I think even a Penn State fan can admit to that.
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    Easier road... Sure. You can that case for one of the 2 national championship teams every year.

    So if Bama beats 3 ranked teams, and Penn State does too, Bama is more deserving simply because the NCAA will not allow Penn State to play in a conference championship game....?????!!!!

    There's 119 Division 1 schools and only 12 regular season games. How can there not be a playoff? You're wanting to condemn PSU is not justified. There's too much parity these days. If Boise State can get to the BCS and beat one of your beloved Big12 teams, should Penn State not get the chance?

    I hope everyone was equally arguing FOR us when Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Wisconsin, AND the occasional other (NW, Illinois etc..) were all top notch programs beating up on eachother while 1 Big12 powerhouse could go untested.
  13. RoadRunner

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    Not to get to far off the topic of which gigantic program ought to play another gigantic program for the national title, but....

    did anyone else notice that Navy killed SMU this last weekend while throwing a grand total of 0 (ZERO) times? I love a coach who says, "it's raining and we're a running team; let's RUN!"
  14. AJ_II

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    I admit, I'm only 24, so I don't remember too well going 10 years or so back...back when you say the Big XII only had one "powerhouse". I mean, I certainly remember it, but I didn't follow the game with the same kind of scrutiny I do today. I've been a HARDCORE college football fan for only about 7 years now, going back to '02 when I was a freshman at Tech.

    You and I, and Ehilbert, we can argue all day and get no where. You're a Penn State guy, clearly, so I'm obviously not going to convince you of anything I'm selling, nor will you with me, probably. I actually like Penn State, believe it or not...something about those all-white uni's I've always liked. But at the same time, I don't think they're a top 2 team, that's where you and I differ. But they'll probably get the opportunity, and if they do win the title, I hope you'll come on here and give me the obligatory "I told you so". I'll deserve it.
  15. AJ_II

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    Navy is actually a pretty good little team this season. They've beaten Rutgers, and they absolutely embarrassed Wake Forest. They'll be in a bowl game for sure. And I agree...with all the spread offenses around the nation today and all the throwing, it's refreshing to see a team who still wants to line up, hit you in the mouth, and run the ball all day.
  16. AJ_II

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    That's one spot where you and I can agree. My heart would swim with joy if they ever decided to adopt a playoff format for the postseason. Yes, a playoff would cheapen the regular season a little bit, but I think it would be well worth it. Could you imagine? Taking the top 8 BCS teams right now, your first round match-ups would be:

    Texas vs. Florida

    Oklahoma vs. USC

    Penn State vs. Georgia

    Alabama vs. Texas Tech
  17. Ehilbert1

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    Well said. Well said. Thank god someone else on here sees things like I do. Also let me say I was at the game Saturday and it was a great game. I know it didn't live up to others expectations,but to me it did. It's funny how SEC teams can play low scoring defensive games and people are impressed. If it happenes in the Big 10 its because the teams aren't that good. Penn State fans were classy before and after the game. I wish them good luck the rest of the season.
  18. Ehilbert1

    Ehilbert1 Ooh-Rah!!!!

    I really wish there was a playoff. It's to bad that will probably never happen. Maybe the only way it will happen is if an SEC,Big 12 or even a Big 10 goes undefeated doesn't get in and pulls out of the BCS. Can you image the outrage if Florida,Alabama,Georgia,Oklahoma or Auburn(again) goes undeafeated and doesn't get it. Penn State has been screwed time and time again. In 94 there was no BCS so they really had no shot. Everyone was on Nebraska's nuts(and rightfully so). Thats what will have to happen for their to be a play off. Have an SEC team get left out again and then pull out of the BCS.
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    How ya love me now?:bigthumbup:

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