Coast to Coast AM?

Discussion in 'SiriusXM News & Talk' started by HCLogo, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. HCLogo

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    Apparently "Coast to Coast AM" is supposed to be on SiriusXM, but I can't seem to find anything about it anywhere.

    According to the Coast website at
    Is this an XM only channel? Is there a Sirius channel that carries the show?
  2. Sirius Rich

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    A few of my buddies that have XM listen to that channel. I keep forgetting to search for XM165 on my factory Sirius with the Best of XM in the Ford. I do not think that XM 165 is part of the Best of XM.
  3. almaniac27

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    XM 165, as well as Extreme 152, National Lampoon 154, America's Talk 158 and WLW 173 are run by Clear Channel, as well as several music channels that are XM-only. From what I've heard, Mel K hates Clear Channel, so I doubt these channels will make it to Sirius anytime soon.
  4. goreds2

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    Yes, COAST TO COAST is only on XM.
  5. HCLogo

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    Well Boo! :thumbsdown: Anyone know if there a show with similar content on Sirius?
  6. kc1ih

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    Is there any place in the US where you can’t pick up this program on AM radio? I think not, since the show is on a number of high powered clear channel (in the old meaning of that phrase) stations.
  7. goreds2

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  8. HCLogo

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    I could listen on FM if I really wanted to, I just wanted to be able to schedule my SL2 to record the show. It comes on too late in my time zone for me to listen to live.
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