Clark Howard Now On XM123 (HLN)


Oct 12, 2008
IMO Clark Howard should have kept his job as a travel agent. He gives good travel advice and generally informed money management tips.

But he's leading a lot of people astray with his buy and hold investment advice. He pushes 401K matches and Roth IRA's. Fair advice a few years ago, but horrible now.

I actually heard him say deadpan a few months ago that it only took the DOW 30 years to come back after the Great Depression. A solid reason for buy and hold. Thirty years to break even (but you've lost most of it to inflation).

He also makes investing in precious metals out to be a doomsday attitude.

But his show focuses on optimism and feel goodism. Ignore the negative, accentuate the positive. It's better to take it all into account.

Howard like the rest of the stock market pumpers will simply disappear from the airwaves one day soon. No explanation, no apologies, no recourse for his listeners.