Channel 9: Show 3


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Oct 12, 2008
This episode features one of the greatest bits from the Stern Show; The Frank Sinatra record ad, "I Remember What's Her Name". It also features Sam Kinison, David Brenner and Joe Walsh. A good episode to be sure.

Howard started things off by talking about the news press he was receiving for his Channel 9 show. The review that Howard mentioned talked about how bad the TV show is in relation to his radio show. Howard found that review ironic because he has never gotten any critical acclaim for his radio show.

In any case he proclaimed himself to be King of television. Here he is wearing his crown to prove it.


Howard brought Sam Kinison out and the two of them talked about the recent movies they've seen; 'Days of Thunder', 'Ghost' and 'Ford Fairlane'. Sam made fun of Dice's movie and even went so far as to imitate Dice for a few minutes.

Howard encouraged Sam's impromptu Dice impression. This wouldn't be the last time Howard would find an overweight comedian that imitated Dice to be hilarious. But I'm getting way ahead of myself.

Sam also imitated Robert Duvall from "Days of Thunder" by pointing out that "Bobby D" always sticks out his tongue while he acts.


After a commercial break Howard and Sam kept things going by slamming Arsenio Hall and People magazine. Howard brought out David Brenner to talk about the bad review he received of his current book. The reviewer wrote that the book only had 10 laughs in it. Howard had the reviewer on the phone to talk to David about why she didn't like his book.

After that segment died out, Howard played a prerecorded bit starring Billy West as Frank Sinatra. The bit was another record ad, like the Father Ritter record ad from the week before. The bit dealt with the rumor at the time that Frank was suffering from the early stages of dementia and that he was forgetting the lyrics to many of his standard hit songs. Songs titles from the record included: "Love and Tractors", "Chicago(Its A Wonderful Band)", "My Kind of Town(Galveston)".

In between the funny songs there was a mock interview with Sinatra. Fred was the interviewer and Billy was Frank. Here Frank tells the interviewer, "Now get outta here before I break my legs".

He also said, as the record ad ended, "I can't remember when I started forgettin'".


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Oct 12, 2008
Before going to break Howard did a Snapple ad. This time he had an organ grinder replete with a hyper monkey.

Howard thought it would be interesting to give the monkey some Snapple.

The monkey was happy to drink down its "all natural ingredients".

Coming back from the break Howard brought out Stuttering John to talk about his most recent celebrity interviews. Not a home run by any stretch, but it was amusing to see John stutter through some pretty tame questions to Roy Schieder. Roy almost looks like he's trying to imitate John in this shot.

Of course the publicist sensed something afoul on the lawn and she tried to stop John from asking any more questions, but John had his press pass and was given the green light to keep asking questions. It was still relatively early, not everyone has been made aware of Stuttering John quite yet.

Eventually Roy had enough of John and he decided to get off of the playing field, but he left the interview smiling. He was really cool with the experience.

There was another interview John had in the chamber, it was of Joey Ramone, but in all honesty, it sucked and was not very interesting. The entire interview lasted less than a minute. Joey seemed scared of John. Both Roy and Joey are gone...yet John...he still lives.


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Oct 12, 2008
After the Stuttering John segment Howard brought out The Afros. Howard asked them about their music and what part of the ghetto they came from. The Afros laughed at Howard's questions, especially when Howard asked them if they've banged any white chicks.

It wasn't much of an interview. Howard played part of their latest music video.

After their segment Howard and Robin did some news. Robin talked about the "jogger trial" in New York and she played video of a woman that claimed to be attacked by a camera man. The video Robin played showed without a doubt that the woman was not attacked, but rather that she ran into the camera man on purpose in order to file a lawsuit for damages.

Robin also played video of an audition for hopefuls looking to play Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball for an upcoming made for TV movie. The video of the people in the audition were people that were not likely to be picked for anything where they would be paid to be in front of a camera.

During the news both Jackie and Fred were wearing Afros in a sign of solidarity to their last guests.

After the break Joe Walsh came out in an Afro wig, but he took it off almost immediately. Joe looked a little worn out and he sounded a little marble mouthed, about his usual.


Howard asked if there would be any problem from Don Henley if Joe sang 'Desperado'. Joe said that there would be a problem, but Joe didn't care, he was going to sing it anyway.
The song featured Joe on a Casio organ...

...and Sam Kinison on electric guitar.

Once they finished the song, Howard wrapped up the show. Before Howard could say goodnight and get the credits moving, Sam interrupted Howard to say that this show will someday be a "cult show". Boy, Sam was dead on with that prediction.

This episode may not have been as good as the first two shows, but it was still entertaining. You can really get a great sense of the vibe from the show at that time. Good times.