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    It's that time again. This week CES 2009 will begin, and Orbitcast will be there in full force delivering up-to-the-minute live coverage of the world's largest technology event.

    With Sirius and XM now a combined company there's no longer the need for two booths at CES (that is, if you consider XM's presence last year even a "booth," despite the hidden technology being incredible cool to see).

    Since Directed Electronics and Sirius' relationship has gone sour, they're no longer sharing booth space together as they've done in prior year. Instead, it looks like they'll be utlizing a smaller space in the North Hall. When I last spoke with Mel Karmazin, he mentioned that the interoperable radios will be making a showing at CES - but that was a few months back, so there's no way to know, for sure.

    Also absent from the show will be Delphi, which only had a corner dedicated to satellite radio last year anyway (and, I must admit, I'll miss the free beer).

    Still, there will be plenty to see.

    Last year, a very exciting keynote was delivered by GM CEO Rick Wagoner - marking the first time an automaker executive addressed the CES crowd. And while nothing about satellite radio was mentioned (though there was plenty of talk about OnStar), Wagoner did unveil the Cadillac Provoq concept car - also a first at CES. It was fun, exciting, and very flashy.

    This year, the automakers' presence is a bit more humbled (for good reason). Still, Ford CEO Alan Mulally will deliver a keynote address and I'm sure we'll hear plenty about Ford Sync.I'll definitely be attending the the keynote to get a sense of innovation in the industry.

    Blaupunkt and miRoamer will be announcing a partnership and unveiling in-vehicle internet radio - for the first time you'll be able to get internet radio in your car's dashboard. That, obviously, is very interesting to me and I'll be covering that in detail.

    Also, Slacker will be in town, though off-site from the rest of the mayhem at the convention center. Without a doubt I'll be covering everything that Slacker has to announce.

    HD Radio will be there, unfortunately. I'll be covering them as I did last year, under much duress.

    There's other unaffiliated events in Las Vegas that I will be attending as well, such as ShowStoppers and Digital Experience, not to mention a Blogger party at The Venetian. At each event there will be several exhibitors related to the digital radio arena, so expect lots of coverage there as well.

    I'll be sending live Twitter updates throughout, as well as having a constant 3G connection direct from the show floor (so as to avoid any issues like last year). So strap in folks! Orbitcast's CES 2009 coverage begins on Wednesday (Press day) and kicks into overdrive starting on Thursday
  2. It appears we will be seeing some new stuff.......

    RomeE wrote: I'm not sure if you noticed, but alot of our website is generated about selling one thing at a time. In order to have a landing page, and multiple products showing up does take time, so as our web team has a chance to catch up with a ton of things going on (hint hint, CES is next week) I anticipate more changes to the Subscription pages.
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    Interesting stuff OOC! :p
  4. Well I'm ready to throw money slacker's way. With some new stuff, but I don't think they will be releasing anything I'll be interested in. I think we will be seeing some apps soon for iphone/touch. Possibly blackberry. So slacker will be even more portable to more mainstream users. I know slacker is procrastinating on a web player bug. So I'm hoping for a bit of a web player face lift during the next web update. I'm more hesitant on some of my other predictions, but it is going to be a good year ! ;) I bow to all the satellite refugees it has caused slacker to put things into a higher gear, and not be so lax. Times are more serious for them now.
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    If they release the car satellite update dock I will be plopping down cash for it. Slacker portable has me hooked. Reminds me of early XM days.. Actually discovering new music again with great sound quality.
  6. No comment on the sat docks.

    I can't get anything out of slacker on the web player bug. Only that it will be fixed very soon. They won't budge. I can only assume after some announcements this weekend. They will be updating the web player with product enhancements, and a bug fix. Sort of a face lift....All I want is the bug fixed. I really ask nothing more of slacker at this time.
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    I think the Sat docks are vaporware. Time will tell though.
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    Hopefully home docks for the G2 isn't the only news they will have coming out of CES for Slacker.

    I don't know about the sat docks being vaporware, I just don't think they have really found it necessary at this point and I agree. I really just see a big need for that at least right now, so there is no point in making the investment where you will see very little return.
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    I think we would hear abouta satellite launch----or more likely a deal with a satellite company-----before we heard about a dock.
  10. Ya want to bet on that ? Pay pal

    5 hundred says it won't happen at this time.

    You in to hold your prediction on 5 ?
  11. DAB

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    I think that is exactly what he is saying! His point was we would have heard about them putting a sat in space or a deal with a sat provider to provide the service before they would announce a dock that worked off sat service.
  12. Here I thought I was going to win some money. I guess I did not understand the manner in which he typed it. Oh well.

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