Celtic Crush & Sirius Disorder!! its back - Kinda

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    Larry Kirwan of Black 47 Fame to Host “Celtic Crush†on
    SIRIUS XM’s The Spectrum Channel

    NEW YORK – November 17, 2008 - SIRIUS XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) today announced that radio icon Meg Griffin will host Disorder, her show devoted to eclectic music without rules or boundaries, on The Loft SIRIUS channel 29 and XM channel 50. Griffin's weekday and Sunday show launches Dec. 1

    Larry Kirwan, leader of the political rock band Black 47, novelist, playwright and controversial columnist with the Irish Echo, will host Celtic Crush on The Spectrum SIRIUS channel 18 and XM channel 45. Kirwan draws from his private record collection of music from the eight Celtic nations and their related cultures for his eclectic three-hour soulful mix of traditional and contemporary songs and stories. Celtic Crush, long a favorite of satellite radio listeners, consistently stretches the envelope and is the only totally national Celtic music show. Celtic Crush will launch on Sunday, November 23 from 9am to noon ET.

    As host of Disorder on The Loft, Griffin will share with listeners her passion, appreciation and love for music of all genres. SIRIUS XM listeners can expect to hear music from Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, White Stripes, James Brown, Ryan Adams, Richard Thompson, Warren Zevon, Patti Smith, Johnny Cash, Bonnie Raitt, Beck, Tom Waits, Madness, the Ramones, Wilco, Willie Nelson, Lucinda Williams, Miles Davis, Elvis Costello and many, many others.

    “Adding Meg’s distinctive voice and impeccable choice in music makes a great channel even better,†said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SIRIUS XM Radio.
    “I am excited to be bringing Disorder to The Loft,†said Meg Griffin. “There’s no censorship, no rules, and no boundaries, just the music I love and the kind of creative freedom that I think you can only find at SIRIUS XM. And I am very happy to continue working side by side with my Disorder colleagues David Johansen and Vin Scelsa, on The Loft!"
    Meg Griffin has been a pioneering female voice and a passionate advocate for new music on the New York airwaves for more than three decades. From 1975-1993 on WNRW, WPIX, WNEW and KROCK, Meg was the FM radio voice of the Punk/New Wave explosion, breaking artists like the Ramones, Patti Smith and Elvis Costello. She also championed the alternative sounds of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Jane’s Addiction. Meg has also been a video music host with appearances on MTV and VH1. Meg joined SIRIUS in 2000 and has kept the adventure and excitement of the best music radio as a format manager and on-air host. In April 2006, Meg was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum exhibit of America’s most notable rock radio DJs, “Dedicated to the One I Love.â€

    Disorder will air on The Loft SIRIUS channel 29 and XM channel 50 Sundays from 3:00 -- 6:00 pm ET. Her daily Disorder show will air weekdays from 12:00 pm -- 6:00 pm ET. Celtic Crush will air on The Spectrum SIRIUS channel 18 and XM channel 45 on Sundays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm ET.

    On The Loft, programmed by Mike Marrone, SIRIUS XM listeners will also hear Lou Reed’s New York Shuffle, Vin Scelsa’s Idiot’s Delight, Dave Marsh’s Kick Out the Jams and David Johansen’s Mansion of Fun, joining existing specialty programs The Loft Sessions, Mixed Bag Radio with Pete Fornatale, In Spite Of All The Danger with Jerry Rubino, Your Roots Are Showing with Franny Thomas and From The Living Room To The Loft.

    SIRIUS XM’s The Loft explores the sonic connections between a wide range of styles and subjects in a masterful, hand-crafted fashion. Presented by passionate, knowledgeable hosts that merge Alt-Country with free form, singers and songwriters with adult alternative, and concentrate on the long-lost art of the segue, blending virtually every musical shade in between.

    SIRIUS XM’s The Spectrum features Rock ‘n Roll both new and old from artists who’ve stood the test of time. The Spectrum listeners will hear Bruce Springsteen, U2, John Hiatt, Dave Matthews Band and many others.

    For more information, please visit SIRIUS Satellite Radio - The Best Radio On Radio or XM Satellite Radio - America's #1 Satellite Radio Service.
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    This is all great news and I can't wait to listen. I see the Celtic Crush will start today 8 AM CST till 11 AM. SWEET!

    I will certainly be listening to Meg's Disorder Program. This is where I am going to miss my SL2's ability to record. hmmm
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    Damn, I posted this and completely forgot... Altho I did tape whatever that was on the old Sirius Disorder channel on Saturday at 10am LOL

    Things are little disorganized here if you cant tell...

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