Cannot get my Sirius Stiletto 2 to work in my car. ?

Discussion in 'Sirius Radios' started by chocula, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. chocula

    chocula New Member

    This is not the same as my other post.

    I just bought an install kit for my car for my Stiletto 2. I hooked up, got a signal, but it will not play on my car radio.
    I have the station set to what the S2 is set to, and have changed it to a bunch of channels and it will not work. I have turned it on and off.
    I have the fm extender hooked up to the S2, but it still is not working.

    Anyone know what the issue may be?

    If I did not like their product, I would NEVER go through this much trouble for a product.
  2. MM

    MM Administrator

    Is the FM transmitter turned on in the menu of the SL2?

    If it's not in the SL2 it is on the car dock itself.

    I just can't remember because I do not use the transmitter. :cool:
  3. chocula

    chocula New Member

    Yes, it is turned on.

    I went under settings >> dock >> fm transmitter. And it is set to on.

    I think I have looked at everything and tried every combination of everything I could think of and nothing would work.

  4. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I hope one of the TSS guys come on this one. I am mad at myself because I've never used one of the FM tran at least the newer ones and I honestly don't know the setup.

    I know older radios had an FM out, but I think with these newer FM tran you just plug it into the audio-out.

    Does it look like this: [​IMG]
  5. chocula

    chocula New Member

    Yes, it comes with that adapter. I tried it with that and without that. I even plugged in my Sportster's fm out to see if it would work.

    The strange part is that with my Sportster, when I turn it on, the statis goes away even before I get sound from it. With the S2, nothing happens.

  6. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Gosh :scratch: I wish I knew what to tell you.

    Maybe one of the TSS guys will have some other suggestions for you. Sorry I just don't have any experience with these. I know you must be frustrated and you are so right most folks wouldn't put up with this crap. I just had to replace the antenna on my car yesterday and I told my son they same thing. I said you know it is no wonder folks get so pissed with this stuff. It just seems to be junk. Of course I said that cause I was pissed I had to go and reroute all that wire throughout my vehicle, but it just gets old.

    Hang in there I am sure one of the TSS guys will respond!
  7. chocula

    chocula New Member

    I really appreciate the help and effort.

    It is very frustrating. Especially if you compare it to the Sportster. It was an early model, very basic, it could do little else but play music.

    BUT.... It hooked up easily, ran well and did what it needed to. Now, 4 years later and installation is a nightmare. LOL

    Forget running all of that wire. My sportster had the antenna at the front of the vehicle and has been in several vehicles, and never an issue until recently./

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