Bring Back Moving Easy


Nov 19, 2008
I was a big fan of Moving Easy. It played lite rock I couldn't find on any other Sirius station. Now it is dead and they tell me I can listen to The Blend, Sirius XM Love or Escape instead. First off Esacpe is nothing but elevator music so to say it is a replacemnt is a joke. Sirius Love plays some songs I heard on Moving Easy but not enough. Besides it format was always different than Moving Easy and still is. The Blend is newer adult contemporary. It plays a very different mix of music than Moving Easy.

I wrote and complained about lsoing Moving easy but some canned response about how I can request songs. What a friggin joke. Before I never had to request songs to hear the music I liked. Now in order to get music I like I have to request it and hope the dj plays it. Way to improve the music we get.

I thought the merger wouldn't help us but I also thought it wouldn't hurt the listeners. Sadly I was wrong. The merger has taken a music format I loved and turned into one I am debating getting rid of. The way I look at it, I could just load up my MP3 player and run it through my radio. It would save me $13 bucks a month and I know I would get the msuic I want.

Thanks Sirius


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Oct 14, 2008
Bring back Starlite before that. It seems like Sirius Xm wants to be just like FM now but they can't get the basics right....every area has at least one AC station playing 80s to current music. Mixing the 70s and possibly 60s by having the Blend replace several stations is dumb. Sirius Love is pretty useless, too. Those songs could be played on Starlite and Movin EZ if they were still around...and frankly, why don't have they have a Quiet Storm station for the R&B that is played on there....useless!

Everyone was so pro merger but look at the massacare....I knew this would happen. Sorry.


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Oct 9, 2008
Well not everyone sees this merger as a disaster for the music programming. I for one have been very pleased with the changes. Though I did like Starlight and Moving EZ, I've been satisfied finding that music on other channels. I also like the Blend as it is a very deep mix across 4 generations of music. This keeps the listening very interesting. Sirius XM love to me isn't much different than Starlite and most of the time you almost couldn't tell the difference between them. Clearly there are some gaps here and there, but considering the huge under taking this was, I think most are pretty okay with it. Lets fact it most folks on forums are bit fanatical as opposed to the average joe out there listening.


Oct 10, 2008
South Louisiana
I loved Movin' EZ. I wish they'd bring it back, but they won't.

I tried the Blend in its place for the first week, but they play too many 90's and today music for my taste. I've actually found a marked improvement in SiriusXM Love's playlist. I've given that channel the preset once owned by Movin' EZ. At most times, between The Blend and Love, one is playing a Movin'EZ type song, so it hasn't been too bad for me so far.


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Oct 14, 2008
The Bridge will return in January (hopefully) and it will be a reasonable substitute for Moving EZ.

The Bridge seems to play really light that borders on singer-songwriter type stuff....kind of more pop than The Coffee House and definately more lighter than The Spectrum. Movin' EZ was a bit more all over in terms of the music they would play. I miss the channel...I miss most of the channels that are gone....hint, hint..sign the petition, please.