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Discussion in 'Cable & Video' started by k9feces, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. xan_user

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    Kitchen TV for weather while I make the kids breakfast. Or keeping an eye on the game while making dinner.
    Plus my audio server outputs to my coax distribution over channel 3, so any room there's a TV or VCR I can listen to my audio files/slacker across the whole house.

    It also has the security camera feeds for the homestead.(as well as one pointed at the neighbor hotties's pool.)
  2. limegrass69

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    Creepy, yet cool...all at the same time!!! :spit:
  3. Vargas

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    Can't live without HBO for their original programming and I can't live without Showtime for Dexter so I am way into the cable company.

    I have High Speed, Phone and Cable all through Comcast for about $170 a month. Sucks but when I divide the bill by three and realize I MIGHT be able to save about $20 a month if I broke it up and shopped it all seperatly, it just isn't worth to me right now.

    I WISH I had DVR but that is another 12 or 13 dollars a month and I just won't do that right now--I have to draw the line somewhere.
  4. shabadoo25

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    More power to you guys. I couldn't live without a DVR anymore. My wife gets up at stupid o'clock because she teaches. That means that we watch the previous night's late primetime the next night between 6 and 8pm because it's a struggle for us to stay up past 9.
  5. shabadoo25

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    I'm paying what you pay and I have the same services. However, I have a cable internet/phone only bundle plus DirecTV with HD DVR.
  6. Jon

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    I have Dish Network ($80 a month) but probably won't be keeping it much longer. When I get into my new place (whenever that is) I'll probably look at Comcast Basic Digital HD plus High Speed Internet or stick with basic regular TV and an Apple TV Box + Netflix and High Speed or something. I don't watch much sports, I follow baseball almost exclusively and I can get that on my iPhone, along with Weather Channel Video Forecasts and other stuff like it. Maybe resubscribe to XM for FoxNews, CNN and CNBC. I promised myself when I started working again I would not spend like a drunken sailor.
  7. goreds2

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    My neighbors recently told me they pay 15 bucks a month for basic cable via Time Warner.
  8. kryptonite

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