Axis of Justice!

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    Just saw this bulliten on Myspace, I'm 'friends' with Serj Tankian, Former singer for My Fav. Band System of a down, and of course his solo album.

    "Good news everyone. Sirius Satellite Radio will now be airing the Axis Of Justice radio show, hosted by Tom Morello and I, on their channels. The show will air on Sirius Indie Talk channel 110. The first edition of the show on Sirius will air at 11pm EST tonight and replayed up to election day so make sure to tune in.

    Serj "

    Awesome, I'll have to tune in. Cool to see Sirius picking this little show up, and not just simply rebroadcasting it from what they do already, it looks like Sirius is actually broadcasting and creating the show. I listened to AOJ radio online before, but now, it's on Sirius, I'll get to listen more.

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    Very nice. I'm a big RATM/SOAD fan and heard a while back that XM carried the Axis of Justice show. It's even better that it appears to be a Sirius produced show.
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