Audiovox to become principle Satellite Radio supplier (Orbitcast)

Discussion in 'Sirius Radios' started by TSS Taylor, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. TSS Taylor

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    Audiovox to become principle Satellite Radio supplier

    Audiovox to become principle Satellite Radio supplier - Orbitcast

    Audiovox just announced that it reached an initial agreement with Sirius XM Radio Inc. to become the principal supplier of Sirius satellite radio products to aftermarket retailers.

    Combined with its already existing agreement with XM, this effectively makes Audiovox the main retail supplier of satellite radios in North America.
    The agreement is still subject to a final distribution agreement where Audiovox will provide warehousing, distribution, logistics and related services for both Sirius and XM products.

    But when you combine this new agreement with the existing Master License Agreement for XM products that the two signed in 2005, and this move effectively makes Audiovox the principle supplier across the board. Now we know why Directed and Sirius parted ways (though, that was predicted to happen long before).

    Audiovox's President and CEO, Patrick Lavelle, called this "yet another major milestone" for the company, adding that it "further strengthens our leading position in the satellite radio category."

    "Despite the current economic climate, satellite radio is still growing and we believe it will continue to be a prominent form of consumer entertainment," Lavelle continued. "With this agreement, we expect our satellite radio sales to more than double next year with limited exposure."

    Now that last statement at first blush might pique a lot of interest for many - but read it carefully. Lavelle is expecting Audiovox's own satellite radio to "more than double" - not satellite radio as a whole. By adding Sirius products to their distribution roster, that's not too far of a goal to try to accomplish. Still, it's definitely great news for Audiovox.
  2. DAB

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    I actually think this is great new for Sirius XM, I've always been very pleased with the quality of the products that Audiovox produced for Sirius prior and XM later. The Audiovox PNP1, 2 and 3 were great tuners as were the boomboxes.

    The Xpress line for XM I think has been pretty good sellers and the quality seems good. The XpressRC though I think was done by Delphi, which is the radio that I have and it is very good quality.

    Anyway.... Good News in my opinion! I know many think Audiovox makes nothing, but junk and that maybe true in regards to some things, but thus far that has just not been my experience with sat radios.
  3. ryansaghir

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    It'll sure make CES more interesting! Audiovox has got a lot of announcements in the pipe (most aren't satrad related, but still).

    The question I have is how this'll affect retailers. Word has it that Directed wasn't the easiest to work with, so hopefully Audiovox will change all that.
  4. TSS Taylor

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    This is definitely a good thing IMO. Audiovox has been around a while and people who retail things like Satellite Radio are comfortable with them already. So it will be easy for us to continue to order Sportster 5s and Stilettos from Audiovox rather than Directed come Jan 31.

    It probably doesn't help that Audiovox is in New York, it kinda makes things efficient for SIRIUS XM to deal with them.

    Only suggestion is that they change the look of their website a bit. Wow, I don't think it has had a makeover since I've been in business.

    Welcome to Audiovox (NSFW, Porno style music LOL)
  5. Vargas

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    Good to hear from the players involved that this is a good thing.

    Principal supplier is different than Exclusive supplier so will we still see items from Pioneer?

    Anyway, I hope WHOEVER is making them gets it in gear and makes a new Sirius portable. I still love my SL2 but I'm just itching for a new toy, preferable one that is compatible with all of my previous docks and boomboxes. ---no Dab, I won't get a Slacker G2 (hahaha).

    Now that the companies have mergered and reached an agreement with Audivox, can we please standardize EVERY radio and use the same pin based connection type on the radios!!!!!!!
  6. HecticArt

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    Good news indeed! This should mean some stable radios, better CS, and hopefully regular updates.

    Still loving my SL2, but by the time they roll out the new portables. . . . .
  7. Sirius Rich

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    Is Kiryung Electronics still going to manufacture the actual radios?
  8. nafddur

    nafddur Member

    I agree totally. Hopefully we'll be getting a replacement for the S2 that will archive recorded material more reliably. This Russian roulette as to when (not IF) our recorded shows are going to disappear is getting tedious.

    Three years left on my 4 year, BB PSP - and counting.

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