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Release Robin's Bra
Oct 11, 2008
Lots of fast food talk in the past couple days so lets have a fast food ATW!



Oct 17, 2008
Madison, Wisconsin
I'm really proud of our new MOD Pizza. It is newly constructed along with Five Guys and Potbelly (a sub chain). It has a nice outdoor seating patio it shares the others places. When it opened I couldn't wait until the weekend to go with my sweetie so I went by myself for lunch. I had the 10'' Maddy, a thin crust mozzarella pizza. I picked chicken, corn, tomatoes and mushrooms as my toppings. They also have this really good raspberry lemonade. It was 4 slices. I had two slices and was going to save the rest for my sweets but it was so good I scarfed down the rest. It's wood fire and it's so light I felt like I didn't eat anything afterwards and I'm a thin little guy. By the weekend, my sweets wanted to go so I went with her. I saw that they have a 7" mini pizza for $5 so
we both got our own separate pizza. She doesn't like the same toppings as me, that was the logic I used in not saving my first pizza with her since she probably wouldn't eat it with the tomatoes on it. I never told her I went already.
I surely want to go back especially since they have a mini pizza. We went to the Five Guys today after our movie and we have a graduation party Sunday but I want to go back soon in the near future.