Article: 5 Reasons Why Sirius XM is at $0.43


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Oct 11, 2008
Albany, NY
By Rick Aristotle Munarriz

Even as Sirius XM Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) continues to gain subscribers and point to merger-related synergies, it's a hard sell on Wall Street. The company's stock begins the new trading week at $0.43 a share.
If there is any irony in the stock's erosion, it's that the bulls get more animated as the stock drops. Wait a few hours and you'll see the comment box below this article fill up with comments of readers incensed that The Motley Fool would dare bash their precious stock.
I am an adamant bull on the satellite radio medium -- though not necessarily the stock -- and I still get the venom.
"I'm no longer reading TMF," a typical comment may go. "You guys have been bashing Sirius for years."
There is never a "thank you for being right" or an "I wish I would've listened to you" after some of the sharper attacks on the company from my fellow Fools. I don't get it. Why are the befallen doing the taunting? We all make investing mistakes. They are inevitable. The key is to learn from them. Delusion will only make you poor.
Rather than fire up the bull or bear camps, I want to take an even-handed approach at the reasons why Sirius XM finds itself in its pocket change hole today. It's the best way of assessing if the company has what it takes to claw its way back out.

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