Anyone Twitter?


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Oct 16, 2008
Western, PA
As far as famous people, I follow:

1. Steve martin--Hilarious tweets

2. Simon Pegg (shaun from Shaun of the Dead)--he too is funny.

It think that is it.

Oh, while not a famous person, I also follow "THE ONION." Hilarious tweets and links.


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Oct 11, 2008
i follow a bunch of news/comics. i never tweet...well maybe not never. i probably tweeted last like 6-10 months ago.


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Dec 16, 2008
Amsterdam in the Rockies
Select Friends, Industry News (health care), Breaking News and the local teams. Beyond that I don't tweet much personally. I find Facebook to be more useful, I would delete Twitter before I ever deleted Facebook.

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Oct 14, 2008
Roanoke, VA
I have a couple of business Facebook pages that I manage linked to Twitter, so I tweet every wall post. That's about it.

Brad Bishop

Dec 3, 2008
I tried Twitter for about a year. I just didn't care what others were saying (much like Facebook with people saying, "I'm having a sandwich."

It seems like Twitter is mainly the celebrities and public geeks (like the TWiT folks, the Revision 3 folks, etc.) telling us how great it is and how we all should do it but day to day, I don't know of anyone who really gives a crap about it. My kids (24yo and 16yo) who should be the target demographic know of it but also have shown no interest in it.

I was on Facebook for about a year, too, and then disabled my account. My problems were:
- like I mentioned above, for the most part I really don't care what people are doing any given minute. I had a friend or two who'd post funny stuff every so often and I enjoyed reading my kids' pages but I had a lot of friends/family members that insisted on going on about lunch, waking up, how God blessed their lives that day with something (nothing special like their kid making it through some trying time just inane stuff), and found it to be an enormous waste of time.
- What really killed it was when Facebook started posting advertisements as posts from people I knew. I'd see things like, "Fred likes <something>" then a "click here" and it was just an ad. Fred never posted it (I checked), it was just an ad. So, after filtering though all the 'Join me on Farmville' requests plus the sandwich requests the ads weren't welcome in my book. Just more crap to filter through.

I don't fault Facebook for having ads, I just thought it was wrong of them to post them 'as' people. They may very well post something as me and I didn't like the though of that. If I say I like something then I like it. I don't want other people to say, "Brad likes.." as me.

Facebook, unlike Twitter, is a whole lot more popular with folks. Nearly everyone is on facebook. I don't know of anyone who's on Twitter and I really don't have any friends saying, "Follow me on Twitter," or, "What's your Twitter ID." Just seems like a "we're all supposed to like it but it's not really catching on as much as everyone pretends it is."

Worse, I don't -want- to have tweets hit my phone every time someone has a thought. That's not appealing to me at all.
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Oct 14, 2008
Southern Colorado
I follow quite a few people on twitter, and yes, like 3/4 are celebrites or NASCAR drivers. But it is a great way to keep current on events happening. Same with Facebook, it's so nice I can post pictures so family can see them, and even started putting up videos of the kid so familiy that live 1000 miles away can see her. The ads are a little much and if you have friends (or spouses) glued to the games, it gets pretty bad.

If you are on Twitter, do you use something like tweetdeck? What have you found that works?
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Oct 11, 2008
Koop's Basement
I signed up on twitter late last year, but never really have done anything to my account. So today I decided to tryout twitter for the fun of it and followed couple of people. I'll probably never post much on twitter, I'm much more of a facebook guy. But anyway on I'm @WolfViperOutlaw
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