Any thoughts ....

I feel if Sirius-XM management were smart they would apply this lineup to both systems, get ride of the junk channels, add the important Sirius/XM channels to both systems, and do away with the $4.oo Best of Sirius and Best of XM.

When average people go to buy radios they are going to be lost. This is what they will be told …

You can buy this radio (XM) and have the same music channels but you will have to pay extra of Stern, NFL, ex.

or you can buy this radio (Sirius) and have the same music channels but have to pay extra for Opie and Anthony, NBA, ex.

I think its crazy to try and make an extra $4.00 by doing this. Just put all the good stuff together on both systems and charge $12.95 no confusion or hassle. Now pick any radio you want.

The Master has spoken ... hehehe :hah:


Oct 12, 2008
New York
What's important to you is probably garbage to someone else. It's hard to make that call.

At this stage of the game, I think it is more important that they don't disenfranchise too many existing subscribers. However, it is also important to begin realizing some of the benefits of the merger (i.e. combining the music offerings).

Plus, they probably don't have the bandwidth to provide all programming over both platforms.


Oct 15, 2008
The $4 "Best of" packages aren't going anywhere anytime soon. The NFL likely wants a cut of the action (i.e., additional subscribers), as does NASCAR, Howard...


Mod Emeritus
Oct 9, 2008
These Best of add on subs are helping with the bottom line for SIRIUS XM, so right now it is allowing them to make a little more money. So there is a fat chance of them going away. But I totally agree with limegrass, what one likes someone else won't and vice versa. This is a slippery slope with no where to go but down.