Another big market station signs off


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Oct 11, 2008
Grand Rapids, MI
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Play 103.9 was a Latin-themed Rhythmic CHR that despite good ratings, didn't rake in much revenue. The owner of the station - the son of union laborer Cesar Chavez - decided last week to shut the station down Saturday night at Midnight.

Let's see, two stations in Peoria are now silent due to financial problems, and now, Bakersfield, pop. 372,323 and 780,711 metro has lost one of its own. It's gotten to the point where even a town with 3/4 of a million people can't support a radio station.

Then again, they probably had to censor a crapload of music, causing its audience to listen to either Sirius or MP3 players instead.
Nov 6, 2008
Yeah but with Bakersfield they have stations along with Monterrey, California that are owned by Buckley Broadcasting. The own WOR in New York but only about 20 stations in smaller markets between California, New York and Connecticut. This is not one of the big radio companies out there that owns hundreds of radio stations. They own multiple stations in Monterrey California in which there are 12 HD stations in that area alone servicing the Monterrey/Santa Cruz Area which is seems like a lot.