Amazon MP3 Price Promotions


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Oct 14, 2008
Amazon commonly has price promotions on MP3 downloads, sometimes offering an entire CD download for 99 cents. The Most common pricing for specials however is $5 and $1.99. The best way to find these bargains I have seen is to monitor the top MP3 albumn downloads. The low price ones generally end up in the top 10. You have to move quick though, they don't stay at the low price for very long. I have purchased a couple artists I wouldn't have even considered by just monitory this list.

Here are a couple current good deals going on right now:

Go Go's - Beauty and the beat 99 cents
[ame=] Beauty And The Beat: MP3 Downloads: The Go-Go's[/ame]

Bon Jovi - Crossroads 1.99
[ame=] Cross Road: MP3 Downloads: Bon Jovi[/ame]

Some others I Picked up while on sale:
Prince Purple Rain 1.99
Queen - News of the World 1.99
Evenescence - The Open door 1.99
All American Rejects When the World Comes Down 2.99
Bing Crosby Christmas Classics - 5
Katy Perry - Just one of the Boys - 5
The Cars - Candy-o 5
Duffy - Rockferry - 5

Feel free to add to this thread good deals you got on Amazon.