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Discussion in 'The Studio Lounge' started by Wolf, May 18, 2018.

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    Seeing scotch post there a thread for that. I know it a joke and which I like it. But it kinda got me thinking of creating one central thread for "A Thread To Find Just About Everything Thread" one central location to find certain threads that get lost in The Studio Lounge pages. Maybe it can help us or future DRC visitors/members to find things here.

    For now, I went through the first 10 pages in the Studio Lounge. I probably missed some in the first pages, since I right click so many tabs open and probably lost a couple of links. But sometime this weekend, I'll go through the posts below and organize them A - Z in one giant post. Plus if anybody else can find a thread link I haven't posted below.
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    That might be prudent; otherwise, what happens when this thread drops down to page 2? Someone will come along and say, "Hey, where's that thread that lists all the threads?" So then you'll have to create a thread that lists the thread that lists all the threads.
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    I know there are other threads like 2017 Movies, 2016 and so on. Same for gas prices, but I don't know if they should be listed or not. I know there are threads for "Companies That Might Not Make It Past" for other years besides 2018, but I can't find those. There probably past page 10?
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    You and your pinning requests. Get rid of Birthday and Pic of Yourself pins and then add this one. There are too many pins already. Cut 2 to add 1.

    But I do like the idea of this thread. Good call Wolf.
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    I agree.

    For once your post almost sounds like one of mine confusing post. But I was able to understand it, you are rubbing of me. :D
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    I like to see ”Pic of Yourself” get unpinned.

    Birthdays sees activity every now and then. But again that feature on the right-hand side doesn't work anymore.
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    I certainly hope not.
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    Since you replied that, I just realized I didn't type the f in "off"
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    Forgot the "on" as well.
    Nobody is "rubbing off" anyone.
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    So it's "you're are rubbing off on me" it does sound better.

    I bet there a thread for that somewhere on the forum.

    So this thread won't be pinned and unpinned couple other threads?
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    Below in alphabet order you can find a thread for just about everything posted here at DRC.

    6 Brands That Might Not Make It Through 2015?
    2015 Movies
    2016 Movies & Tv Shows
    2017 Movies & Tv Show
    2018 Movies & Tv Shows

    A thread for Uranus
    Abandoned Places
    Adventures In Koopland
    All Things Amazon
    Angry Internet Mobs
    Another Map Thread
    Any NRA Members?
    Anybody here Twitter?
    Arizona Monsoon Storms

    Baby, it's cold outside!
    Before Autonomous Cars Take Over
    Better Call Saul
    Bill Cosby
    Black Mirror Recaps And Ramblings
    Box Office Predictions

    Can You Drive Stick?
    Canadian News
    Celebrities Behaving Badly
    Celebrity Death Thread 2014
    Celebrity Death Thread 2015
    Celebrity Death Thread 2016
    Celebrity Death Thread 2017
    Celebrity Death Thread 2018
    Companies That Might Not Make It Past 2018
    Cord Cutters

    Damn! It's Hot Out!!!
    Disney to make new 'Star Wars' films
    Do We Have A "stupid Things Happening In Florida" Subforum?
    Dr. Who Noob Advice
    DRC Hall of Fame Posts
    Dubai Next Crazy Projects

    Every Superhero Movie Coming Out Through 2020

    Fantasy Fatball 2014
    Fantasy Fatball 2015
    Fantasy Fatball 2017
    Fast Food Chains To Conquer America
    Future Hollywood Movies & Tv Shows

    Gas Prices
    Greatest album of all time.

    Happy Festivus!
    Hazelnuts: What's the deal?
    HecticArt Wonderful Architecture Work
    Hurricane Season
    Hollywood is out of ideas!

    International News
    Invasion Of The Manatees


    Katy Perry

    Let's Talk About Animals
    Let's talk beer...
    Let's talk uppity liquor
    Let's talk wine...
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  15. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    Mcd's Cutting Back On It's Menu
    Mcu Movies Discussion
    Mega Millions now at half a billion dollars
    Merger Deals
    Memebag Buy A Bicycle
    Memebag Loves ...
    Military Stuff
    Miscellaneous News Thread
    Most over rated bands of all time...
    Movies To Suggest To Watch

    Net Neutrality. What is it? Do we need it?

    Official Avatar Theme Suggestion Thread

    Pardon me, but do you have the time?
    Pizza Chains
    Police Chase
    Political Talk Forum
    Post a pic of yourself here at DRC


    Reccomend me some movies please...
    Repairing your credit score.
    Rural Retreat, Va In The News Again Or The Fish Thread
    Russian Dash Cams Crashes

    Same-sex Marriage
    Semi Did It Again!
    Sex Scandal Teacher's Hall Of Fame
    Sundials in most areas will not be correct on Sunday...

    Taco Bell $1 Menu
    The Betty White Thread
    The Chain Restaurant Thread
    The Dumb Dodo Thread
    The Good News Thread
    The Happy Thread
    The Human Centipede
    The Liquor Thread
    The Musical Instrument Thread
    The Musical Instrument Thread

    The Official DRC Member Happy Birthday Thread!
    The Police Thread
    The Random Post Thread
    The Space Thread
    The Walking Dead
    The Who's Doing Atw Next Thread
    Theme Parks
    Thoughts On Walmart
    Top 10 Like Members
    Top 10 posters as of 8/1/10

    U.s. Cities After Global Warming


    Watch Out For That...
    We Can't Have Anything Nice!
    Well It's Flooding Down In Texas...
    What Should Be The Next Madness Bracket?
    What's your favorite fast food chicken?
    What Is Your Favorite Time Zone?
    Where's James Bond when you need him?
    Who Charted?
    WTF is going on in the world?
    Wolf's Den



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  16. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    I had to split the list into two #, A - L and M - Z apparently there a limit of words you can put in one post 10,000 characters.

    Quick Update:

    I have gone through pages 1 - 30 now and I believe we have enough info and plus the rest were mostly ATW and minor threads.
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  17. JHDK

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    Now you're not only our ATW curator but also our DRC archivist.

    If there was some sort of online DRC version of National Treasure, you'd be the main character in that adventure.
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  18. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    Cool thanks man! I can't help it I have a good memory on certain useless stuff. I do love going down memory lane sometimes when I was going through all of those old threads.

    I could through the other boards and find more threads, but if you want to find something for sports, electronics, Apple and Android. Just easier to search for them because those sub-forums haven't really seen much activity in years well beside sports.

    Now if anybody starts a new thread and becomes a hit, a mod will have to edit the list.
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    Close, it's; "You're rubbing off on me." (Being influenced by him.)
    Rubbing him off. (Murdering him.)
    Rubbing one off. (Just, iew. Hell no. This ain't that kind of forum.)
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  20. scotchandcigar

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    How about a thread where we methodically and painstakingly analyze Wolf's grammar?

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