A Article on how Sirius XM Radio should embrace the internet


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Oct 15, 2008
If they were smart they would do something like Slacker allowing people to create their own channels and save them to a portable. If Slacker could get talk (podcasts, internet radio, etc) then they will blow Satellite out of the water.


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Oct 9, 2008
This is an absolute great article and this is what many of us have been saying for a long, long time. XM had previously used their internet radio service to continue channels removed from the regular sat service. Sirius did this with The Bridge and then when they added the The Bridge back to the sat service, the replaced it with Shuffle. Yes it is true that you won't get them in your car, but they are available online.

The other part of this that this article doesn't even mention well sort of mentions. You take devices like the SL100 or SL2 which offered the Internet Radio via Wifi on a device. This means that rather you are at home, hot spot, work where ever there is wifi you could get all these channels. Sirius charged $2.99 just for the premium service. Why not make that $4.99 and also give us an additional 10 channels of music or if you want to go $6.99, you get 20 extra channels of music, that you can stream via your device or via the web on a computer.

This just makes total sense to me, but yet with the recent changes Sirius XM purged off all those channels that were not on sat except for a couple and those are talk. They are totally heading in the wrong direction? Ask me does this surprise me that this company hasn't the foresight to see what the rest of us do? Not one bit, they always seem to miss the boat.

If they would release a application for the iPhone/iPod Touch, this would easily work to stream these additional channels. The SL2 and SL100 are already in a position to make use of this. This was my one bone to pick with the XMp3 device that was released, no wifi and in my opinion this was a huge oversight.


Nov 22, 2008
I agree with everybody else in regard to SiriusXM making better use of the internet.

Satellites cost millions of dollars to build and launch. Not to mention that they're prone to problems, which are often impossible to repair from the ground.

XM's two original satellites for instance, which had problems that cut their operating life by about half.

At this time, the internet shows more promise than most other music delivery technologies.



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Nov 4, 2008
New Jersey
Sirius should embrace the internet as a one of the primary methods of delivery of their service. It should do this by selling internet only devices that require either a seperate subsription or a premium service subscription on a satellite only radio.

The whole point of the consolidation was to save money on programming. It would not make sense to broadcast the discontinued stations to a very limited audiences.

The solution is to deepen up the Sirius stations a little to make them more like the lost XM stations. Add a classic Disco station and a few of the other lost genres to both services. I know that may mean making room, I think the single artist channels are a bad idea and have limited appeal. They should be the first to go.


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Oct 30, 2008
I agree that the Single Artist Channels need to go or better yet dedicate one channel to a single artist rotating channel that would rotate once a week , because you can only listen to the damn channel for so long then it becomes irritating after awhile with the exception of Margritaville which actually plays a good variety of music.