80s countdown: Dees Vs. Blackwood

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  1. VinnyM27

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    I'm really struggling through this week's countdown with Rick Dees. I remember when I used to have an early Saturday class that one station used to play Dees Top 40 Countdown. It wasn't awful but it had quite a lot of shtick that was a bit too much to take. Compared to then (I believe 2002), this was a nightmare! BTW, the Big 80s page still has the Sirius lineup even though they changed the name and the logo! They say that Nina's countdown and that Martha's show is still there. I think Alan talked about a lof of changes for the weekend but none of them show up on the page. I mean, they can't get this right?

    Nina Blackwood:

    Gives comments on each track but usually not exhaustive. Sometimes just saying as little as where the song was the week before and sometimes giving us a bit of "Where are they now" info. Always interesting. Sometimes tries to be funny but often more informative.

    Lists artist on one "line", song on the next and then would flash the placement on the chart.

    Didn't talk over the songs very much and often had some soft bumpers between songs with background music from 80s hits.

    Countdown was based on sales, thus the real people's list.

    Rick Dees:

    Insanely shtickcy and often offensive gags about minorities and women. Not even that it's un PC...it's just shockingly unfunny! People complain about Howard Stern....at least he is funny and often laughs more about racist humor than creating it.

    Bad morning zoo crew and stunts. Back to Howard, he used to talk about Dees wife who made awful barely different impressions.

    Talking all over the songs, including the singing!

    Top Line of PDT "11/19/88 Weekly Top 40". Crammed onto the second line "Artist and song" (rarely fits both fully).

    Countdown seems to be Top 40 format, thus created by radio. So often the songs are not actually popular but just what the radio and probably record company tries to push out there. And I'm opening to hearing new "oldies", but most of these are obscure for a reason. Also, probably omits a lot of stuff that doesn't traditionally make pop radio like rap and harder and/or more alt rock.

    I can't imagine anyone having a preference for Dees. It is sort of interesting since it's from the actual year and he is talking about stuff happening at the time, but it's a very slight positive when Nina overall blows him away. I can only assume they are using this because they already paid for the tapes and it would more likely be more expensive to make a new show. It's all about the bottom line and not quality at all!
  2. Road Hog

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    Someone mentioned that Casey Kasem will be on 80s on 8 on Sunday at noon. So I think the appropriate comparison is Blackwood vs. Kasem.

    Kasem is the best there ever was at this. And it's based on the Billboard charts.

    Rick Dees is a poor imitation, and I will avoid his show. Although I had it tuned in for a couple minutes this morning. I like hearing the dated references that are now unintentionally funny. From this morning:

    "Now here's the latest from Kenny G, the new spokesman for Casio music instruments."

    That takes me back to the 80s, in a way that Nina Blackwood's countdown couldn't (since it's recorded now rather than then).
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    Rick Dees is a wuss, plain and simple.
  4. VinnyM27

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    I did notice that Dees seems to try and be Casey, only edgy. If Sunday's countdown is anything like the one on the seventies this morning, I'll pass on that. The only thing the display reads is American Top 40 with Casey Kasem...on BOTH LINES. What a waste! I did like Casey back in the day but I still want Nina's show back.

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