2008 Fantasy Football League

Discussion in 'NFL' started by Wolf, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. TX WJ

    TX WJ Intelligent Donkey

    I benched Brees last week and went with Farve, that almost most cost me. Dallas Clark pulled me out. On to next week.
  2. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    Where did you get those wide receivers at?!? Those guys killed me!

    Congratulations, your team played great! :)
  3. MoeSyslack

    MoeSyslack Member

    I took a gamble on some of my players, Most didnt pan out. Big Ben let me down again. If Orton hadnt been on a bye I wouldnt have played him against the Giants. Oh well on to next week.
  4. semipenguin

    semipenguin Bum Looker

    I suck at this. I don't think I'll be doing this anymore...:(

    I have been so busy I even forgot to make my picks on Sirius.com last week...:eek:

    Oh well...:)
  5. TX WJ

    TX WJ Intelligent Donkey

    I was talking with a buddy of mine and I want to propose a change to the league next year.

    Start with a 12-14 team league.

    Each week you will have the following active

    1- K
    2 - Defense
    1 - Def
    Is it possible to pick a Special Team Team?

    Now instead of drafting 1 player at a position you would actually draft that whole team at that position. Example, if you were to take the Raiders RB you would have McFadden, Bush and Fargis. This would make it easier to take players that share time, plus it would provide some help for injuries.

    Since there are 32 teams, we could each have 2 Teams at each position with some left over.

    Anyone else think this would be an interesting way to play fantasy football?
  6. Wolf

    Wolf Manspreading on DRC

    Update after Week 9:
  7. Wolf

    Wolf Manspreading on DRC

    Sounds interesting, but last year season I did 2 QB for each team and it work somewhat ok. Changing up the positions maybe? I never seen a league offer specials teams before and I like drafting different players from different teams not having every player from the same team.

    Thanks for your idea TX.
  8. Wolf

    Wolf Manspreading on DRC

    Here an new update thru Week 10:
  9. Wolf

    Wolf Manspreading on DRC

    Here a new update thru Week 12.

    Just an reminder Week 14 will be the first round of the playoffs.
  10. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    Yahoo StatTracker is not working at the moment? I got it to open earlier today, but no luck right now. :idunno:
  11. Wolf

    Wolf Manspreading on DRC

    I wouldn't know I never use it and have no control over that in the league.
  12. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    Working fine right now. I don't know what was going on yesterday, StatTracker just wasn't cooperating for me. :idunno:
  13. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    Playoff matchups are set. Good luck everyone!!

    The Wookiees vs. The Outlaws. You ready WolfViper? :yesshake:
  14. Wolf

    Wolf Manspreading on DRC

    Week 13 update

    First Round of the playoffs
  15. Wolf

    Wolf Manspreading on DRC

    Yep I'm ready, I'm suprise I made the playoffs. This is the first year I didn't to much to my team, been so busy and lazy to update my team. But I'll still try and do my best.

    Good luck to everyone who made the playoffs and thanks for everybody who played this year!
  16. sbv71

    sbv71 Well-Known Member

    Thanks to WolfViper for setting this up again this year. Good luck to everyone in the playoffs!
  17. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    Three of the top 4 seeds, including the #1 team are already out! :shock:
  18. Wolf

    Wolf Manspreading on DRC

    Yea that mess up #1, 3 and 4 are eliminated and I'm stuck with them in the next round, where #2 seed! :p


  19. Wolf

    Wolf Manspreading on DRC

    Here are the final standing of the 2008 fantasy football league.

    Here are the results of the playoffs.

    So congrats to The Wookies aka Aaron on winning the 2008 Fantasy Football League.

    Here are the final standings:

    Place - Username - Team Name

    1. Aaron - The Wookies
    2. jbjints - RedVooDoo
    3. usiphi203 - Spekpot
    4. pawzman - Juice Junkies
    5. TXWJ - Cowboys
    6. loadfet17 - Sal's Pouch
    7. sbv71 - Sirius Smashmouths
    8. WolfViper - The Outlaws
    9. blyons200 - Tennessee Smokers
    10. MoeSyslack - Double Blue Jays
    11. Santinelli - Sirius Patriots
    12. semipenguin - Polar Penguins

    Thank you everyone you participated in this year league, I'm looking forward towards next year!!!
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2008
  20. sbv71

    sbv71 Well-Known Member

    Congratulations Aaron! It was fun playing even though I tanked in the playoffs. Thanks again to WolfViper for setting this up again this year. Look forward to next season.

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