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    PlayStation 4?

    Yes. They Are! Leaks for the new controller are already on IGN and other sites. Plus, they are expected to make a price drop on the PS Vita. Excited to see some new hardware and what it is capable of.
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    Best Buy will now price match permanently

    I love best buy and think this is a great plan. I live in somewhat of a rural area and Best Buy is really the only local store to shop for electronics. Oddly enough, the Best Buy is in the same building that used to house Circuit City. I'm sure they vary but most of the employees at my...
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    Bluetooth Users?

    I have a pair of Rocketfish (best buy's brand) of over the ear headphones I sometimes use while working out. The headband goes behind the back of the neck. They do work well and I've never had a problem with them. The battery does last forever on them--in standby mode it last a really long...
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    What games did you get?

    Have a Gamestop gift card burning a hole in my pocket and am debating between Dishonored and Resident Evil 6. Everyone tells me to get Dishonored but I'm such a RE fanboy I'm having a hard time deciding.
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    Sony reveals new gadgets

    The problem with Sony is that they refused to change. They were the giant. 5 years ago they average person would say "sony" when you asked "who makes the best tv?" Now that same person will say "Samsung." While once a giant, now they are a dinosaur. It is only natural. Most of...
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    What games did you get?

    Anyone get anything good? Anything they were waiting for? I'm betting a lot of you got Black Ops 2. Dishonored? Report in Gamers--what did you get?
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    What are you playing?

    Currently Playing DEAD ISLAND on PS3. Love the game--lots of fun. Wish I had more time to play it. The melee weapons are so much fun.
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    Hurricane Sandy

    Had my basement flood ONCE a few years ago when the 3ft of snow on the ground melted due to about two days of rain. I spent most of the day yesterday moving everything off the basement floor just in case. Had new batteries in every flashlight and every Ipod and Nintendo DS fully charged in...
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    Interesting F*cking year.

    Sorry brother. Truly am. Stay strong and take care of your wife. Serioulsy hope things get better for you. In my thoughts.
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    "I'm in a bad mood today. Think I'll get out of this contract early"

    Oh yes, changed the channel. We're on ALT Nation right now. For a show that was once so great--they should all be MORTIFIED that this made it to air.
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    "I'm in a bad mood today. Think I'll get out of this contract early"

    After this HORRENDOUS DJ WHOO KID bit with Sal and John Lieberman rap battling I wish they would fire him right now. This is the worst radio I have ever heard. College Radio is better than this.
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    AMC suing Dish Network

    Yeah, pretty much. They even mentioned that the programmign from AMC is on Netflix, Amazon, Itunes and other places. The CEO of Dish has said that for as much as AMC wants, Dish Network could buy every episode of The Walking Dead for every Dish Subscriber and give it to them for free and...
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    AMC suing Dish Network

    This is a real mess and it sucked to have to stream The Walking Dead on the AMC website on Sunday. As a dish subscriber, I called and asked what they could do for me for NOT having AMC. They were really nice and cooperative and when it was all said and done I got $20 per month knocked off...
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    The Microsoft Tablet

    That is a very good point. I think the Windows 8 PRO edition is due later. Either later or at same time as NT but I do not think they have released pricing on the PRO edition.
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    The Microsoft Tablet

    The pricing was released for the Microsoft Surface with windows 8 yesterday. Two different sizes (both upgradeable with up to 32gb microsd) but both come with MS Office. Pretty sweet. When I am due to a tablet upgrade (and that is coming soon) I will consider this. It is a tablet you...