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    Who Am I? Week #50

    cher's breast implants
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    2009/2010 NBA Regular Season Thread

    Go pistons!!! Ben Wallace is back!
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    Is Lady Gaga a hermaphrodite?

    she's definitely a butterface
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    Will you support it?

    Not a fan...How's everyone been?!
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    Top 5 QB's for 2009?

    1)Joey Harrington 2)Andre Ware 3)Scott Mitchell 4)Ty Detmer 5)Stoney Case
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    Top 5 RB's for 2009?

    I'd say 1)tyrone wheatley 2)Curtis Enis 3)Ron Dayne 4)Rashan Saalam 5)Joe Montana
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    National Felon League all-star team?

    Here we go.... - Pro Football - Packers rookie, Ex-'Cane Davenport arrested - Tuesday July 09, 2002 10:18 AM Najeh Davenport Bam morris and nate newton...both drug traffickers. If you want to take an attempted murder tip, let's go rae carruth...thunder collins would have been nice...
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    Barry or Emmitt?

    go back to fantasy land where the stadium screens and jessica simpson are the best part about your team
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    Barry or Emmitt?

    AND i just bought his biography on amazon. BAM!
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    Barry or Emmitt?

    are you kidding me? you obviously don't know about my obsession with diamond dave... i even bought his bluegrass album....yeah that's right. YOU probably think that the laotian guy is a better singer than steve perry?
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    Best offensive lineman ever

    let's give the big guys some credit...who do you think was the best?
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    Barry or Emmitt?

    just as a side note. I love how the NFL threads are picking up..FOOTBALL SEASON IS COMIN!!!!
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    Barry or Emmitt?

    I do believe I will pile on.... BARRY.... end of story
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    What bittorrent sites do you mostly use...

    get a virus.
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    How many games with the Lions win this year?

    1st of all Matt... at least my team knows how to build a scoreboard within the proper NFL dimensions so punters won't boot the ball into the damn screen.... 2nd Barry was way better than Emmitt 3rd NFL doesn't partner with make a wish, they partner with United I have to be a...