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    How many hours did they spend in photoshop to get this to look right

    You guy's filled the pot, but I'm to blame for mentioning it? I'm sure my observation won't change the mood around here or stop things from "running just fine". Now, back to your previously scheduled program: :deadhorse: DRCFN
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    'Jersey Shore' canceled
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    Bubba still sick of SiriusXM; wants to bring them all over...

    I try to pop in every now and then, unfortunately this time was spurred on by my S50 taking a shizz with a z. I would love to discuss the show more, but it is hard because I am usually a few days or weeks behind and also because the only thing that seems to be discussed here are negative angles...
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    How many hours did they spend in photoshop to get this to look right

    I came back to check out DRC, but I must have gotten redirected to the SFN hater's site... Weird. :party:
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    It's a funny premise, but I never expected it to actually happen. There more important question, IMO, is who would YOU go as if it did happen? Eric the Midget Actor would be a fun one, plus it would be nice to have a power chair when you've had a few too many. I'd probably end up dressing...
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    Beth and Leon Bear the Cat in a new NSAL photo...

    LOL, the Zapruder film got less scrutiny. For something so uninteresting, you guys sure spend a lot of time examining her... And also, Damn, that is a big cat!
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    'Jersey Shore' canceled

    That's the ONLY worthwhile thing that the show produced, fodder for the boys to make fun of... (Ooops, never end a sentence with a preposition) It is fodder of which the boys could make fun...
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    Bubba still sick of SiriusXM; wants to bring them all over...

    I'm almost two months behind... I do wish that Howard would dump Sirius and move to RadioIO. It would be awesome to see RadioIO swell and Sirius wither . Maybe he'd do it for future payments and the chance to say FU to Sirius. I can't wait to cancel them. I just had to rebuild my S50 and...
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    Howards AGT commercial

    I liked it but partly because it was a surprise to see it. I'm a week or more behind on shows, so I haven't heard it being discussed. Howard's such a hoser, eh.
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    Need some s50 help

    I still use mine daily, although it is an eBay replacement for my original which just stopped picking up signal one day. I used to carry it with me to listen to Stern, now I only listen in the car mostly. It works out well because altho I get behind, the show is shorter and the fewer days make...
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    Let's talk beer...

    You better hurry if you want some Pliny the Younger. They've already started serving it, will be gone soon. This is one of my favorite beers. The news was covering last years initial tapping and the line was 1.5 hours long and people were happily waiting. My local alehouse is getting one...
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    Anyone download from the archives?

    They've only got so many stones. Leave some for the rest of us. From what I've observed during downloading, it appears to limit the bandwidth anyway. THe speed of one is about the same as the combined speed of two, so 3 is going to just slow all 3 clips down to a third of the speed. The...
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    I don't know how you guys do it!!

    It's a personality show, just like Howard or Ellis, etc. It's not much different than listening to Stern talk about some of the minutia of his life or hear him blather on about Apple products. Sure, sometimes Bubba's plugging something but it can be just as entertaining, especially when the...
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    SiriusXM Adds Approximately 1,700,000 Net Subscribers in 2011

    I can just hear Howard now: "So were these subscribers added to one company or two?" :lolsign:
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    The Best Movie Quotes

    This is my favorite new movie line: A team flying tank - YouTube Cracks me up everytime