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    Week of 11/14: Live

    It was great to hear from her today. And she's still "Crazy Alice" to me.
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    Week of 8/1: Vacation Week #5

    Enjoyed Summer School with Fred today. Be interesting what they have going in LA next week.
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    Week of 12/13: Live!

    Very strange schedule of late. On two days Thanksgiving week, off this week and back next.
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    Various Thoughts

    The lack of effort into the vacation programming is sadly on par with the effort when they are "live". How they justify having that many people on staff is beyond me.
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    Week of 8/30: Vacation Week #9

    My guess is Martin Short and Steve Martin are together. They have a movie with Selena Gomez that started on one of the streaming services yesterday. They are also touring together.
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    Week of 6/28: Live!

    If Howard isn't going to be back until September, where am I supposed to turn for my daily CoVid lecture?
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    Week of 1/25: Live!

    Howard told the story before. Allegedly it was the principal that visited because "he missed her".
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    Week of 1/18: Live!

    Shuli........gone from the Stern Show. About The Shuli Show After 15 years of working on the Howard Stern Show, Shuli is now doing his own show with the help of you the Subscribers! We will talk about the past but the show is focused on the future. Some shows will feature just Shuli, and some...
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    What Does This Have To Do With The Show?

    Brent was a guest on a recent episode of the Clem & Kush podcast.
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    Howard Stern Show In The News

    SiriusXM announces “Howard Stern’s Comics on Comics,” a new video special that will be available over Thanksgiving week. The video series showcases legendary comedian guests sharing stories about their fellow comedians. Some of the comedians featured include Jim Carrey on Rodney Dangerfield...
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    Various Thoughts

    And in Six degrees of separation of the Stern Show, Brent Hatley produced her radio show after he left Bubba and before he joined the Stern Show.
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    Week of 9/14: Live!

    He's such a veal. I realize one needs to take precautions, but come on. His comment to Gary about the trip to Maine: "you stopped at a gas station and touched things?".
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    Week of 3/23: Live from Howard's bunker!

    That was in his apartment. He's currently "out east". So is Fred.
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    1/17/2020: Bubba 199

    Not worth it's own thread but Bubba is back on twitter. Got 1,000 followers in a day.