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    Some new Shock Jock talk channel is a brewing

    P.S. Anything Jason Ellis I run far away from.
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    Some new Shock Jock talk channel is a brewing

    I would be totally shocked if Howard and O&A ended up anywhere near each other in any capacity.
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    Channel Changes Thread 2013

    These party stations are something they've needed for a long time. New Wave, Classic Rock and Rockin' Frat are awesome so far. I hope they stay.
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    User Name Change

    Is there any way I could change my user name to either my real first name or what I use for my twitter and most of my online user names? TSSTaylor can vouch for me. We're twitter buds! :o
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    How long have you had satellite radio?

    12/25/05 - 4 years and counting.......
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    How long do we have to continue to endure E-Street Radio?

    Boombox. Still missing it........
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    What specifically brought you in as a subscriber?

    I've always been fascinated with and a junkie of radio. I was going to get satrad regardless but was leaning to XM for MLB. But once Howard said he might go to satrad, I waited and went with Sirius when he signed. (I have Best of XM for O & A) Now? Once I get a skydock, I am switching to XM...
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    XM Skydock Sat Radio (Review)

    I'm going to get one A---S---A---P!!!!!!!!!!!!! Switching from Sirius to XM. I wanted XM w/ MLB until Stern signed with Sirius. Now with BOS, not a problem anymore. My only conflict, I won't have a PNP radio to use in my home office............
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    MLB Playoffs on Sirius? Just wondering.

    I heard a dj on Sirius today say that Best of XM now includes the MLB Post Season and starting next tear, the entire season from first pitch to the World Series. I think it was on The Pulse about an hour and a half ago. Anyone else hear anything like this?
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    Help me out with other good shows

    I seriously don't get Bill Simmons at all.
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    Help me out with other good shows

    I don't think Ellis sucks but I think he has a certain audience that will follow him but won't ever be as big as Stern or even OnA for that matter. Ron & Fez 11-3
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    MLB games on SIRIUS this year?

    If I didn't have to buy a new radio I would switch to XM with the Best of Sirius.
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    Don't get this move by BPM...

    What is Liquid Todd up to nowadays? He should get involved with Slacker.
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    Jason Ellis on Faction

    When I've heard it, I've enjoyed it. But it's not something I make an appointment to listen to. For me, he has a certain audience, and I can see him getting popular but more on the fringe or like a cult type following.
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    WTD 2009 Week 15 - Hip Hop Nation

    I couldn't have said it better myself.