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    Are you a Cup, Nationwide, or Truck Series driver?

    At first glance this has massive train wreck written all over it, but only time will tell.
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    Has everyone moved on?

    I think I saw that guy at Bristol this year.
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    Crew chief shakeup at HMS

    What a train wreck. This will be Jr's 3rd crew chief in 3 years. Surprised McGrew lasted til the end of the year. If I was LeTarte I would turn in my resignation tomorrow. As for Martin and the 5 team, Rick just told him and the 5 team, "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way...
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    let the guessing game begin

    why not move the season finale to Vegas and have the banquet a week later since everyone is already there and move Miami to the second race of the season. Wait a minute my bad i forgot who we're talking about here.
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    Coca~Cola 600 Thread

    I didn't pick him, but I'll probably watch the Sunday Night Baseball game on ESPN this week as it is NOT either of the new york teams or Boston.
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    They're finally starting to figure this out!!

    Isn't it technically 2 wins but either way he is just riding the last name.
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    Sprint All Star Race and Showdown

    The way it seems to me is that with only 3 or 4 teams winning races, all series, the past few years the media and NASCAR for that matter are only trying to inject some lifeblood into a sport where they had all but sucked the life out of it the last 10 years.
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    United and Continental Airlines to Merge... How long will the feds take to approve?

    Get ready for even higher ticket prices and even worse service.
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    Aaron's 499 Thread

    For the most part that has been Johnson's rep on the plate tarcks since he started Cup racing in 02.
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    So..... What's the difference?

    I still think that if the wing was used correctly it would have been better in the long run.
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    Vote Junior for Texas!!!!

    The chance of me voting for Jr is the same chance as you driving an ice truck through hell on the 4th of july.
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    Samsung Mobile 500 Thread

    Thats why I have always made it a habit to make my picks the Monday morning after the previous weeks race.
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    Subway Fresh Fit 600 Thread

    I was out all night saturday so I didn't watch the race but was kind of keeping up with it on Sprint Cup Mobile, but after lap 300 with the 18 and 48 still leading I said to hell with it and forgot about the race. I'm with the other person about the extra 100K and it was very unnecessecary.
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    What Programming Do You Now Watch Since Obtaining A HD TV?

    Heck in a few months if not by this time next year HDTV will more than likely a second banana with 3D coming out.