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    Life Without Howard

    Love reading about how THSS/SiriusXM fits into their lives. A couple of hours after the original post, I started to wonder if I was going to be flamed for "abandoning" the show. I don't hate the show by any means -- it just evolved into something I only vaguely find interesting now. I guess...
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    Life Without Howard

    I can't even remember the last time I listened to the show, how have they been in 2014? I basically traded in THSS for The Jason Ellis Show morning replays, but not consciously. The two main reasons were: 1) When I tuned in for Howard, the show was never on live. 2) Everything seems to...
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    Show Reviews (Not an excuse to post pics of hot girls)

    This is cosplayer Jessica Nigri, her Instagram is worth a peek every now and again, too. I can't believe Kate Upton was on THSS?!?! I don't know why but it surprises me.
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    Man, u can't tell me for a second that apple is not paying howard these days.

    Howard may not actually be getting paid by Apple, but there was definitely something going on. Whether he just had a ton of Apple stock, or more likely, he was "gifted" a bunch of that Apple sh*t. I guess he could also have stock. Anyway, the only time I ever heard him be critical of Apple is...
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    When I had a Twitter account, I followed Hanzi for awhile, but quickly stopped - he is clearly mentally ill. Very misogynistic and would berate female celebrities if they didn't respond to him. And everything was a persecution of him being a Muslim. Scary stuff!
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    Don't we deserve better on Monday morning?

    Doesn't sound like a particularly enthralling start, and I don't believe a lot of the Sal stuff, either. This is the Curse of Artie Lange, in a sense -- "don't let the truth get in the way of a good story." Soon Sal will tell you how he attended the booths while dressed in a pig costume. I...
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    Picture of Robin from the NY Daily News

    Robin today on the news: "We all thought Khloe would the the Kardashian to get a divorce next, because of her problems with Omar." LMAO - OMAR!! C'mon now. Have another Green Drink, Robin. Also funny how some callers were instructing Robin to show up on time for her book signings and Howard...
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    Anyone in the Howard forum listen to O&A? (And other musings)

    I still like the music options on SiriusXM vs. Pandora (for example). I have only lately started to use Pandora more but there's a lot of repetition and I think SiriusXM is just more "informative" -- I like the DJ breaks to report some band news and such. Stern show is just a passing listen...
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    Picture of Robin from the NY Daily News

    Grains?!?!?!?! Are you crazyyyy???? :)
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    Haunted House for Richard Christy

    Probably with that hometown friend he'd watch Legends of the Fall with, with a Brad Pitt poster on the wall... "He's from Kaaaansaaaaass...."
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    David Arquette Back to Form Today

    Point taken, but I don't hear none o' the other Arquettes complainin', not even the he-she one! :buttrock: ;)
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    Picture of Robin from the NY Daily News

    That review is pretty scathing, as "fair" as it claims it wants to be. But, she deserves a scathing review or 50. Here's my issue with Robin's diets -- in 20+ years, I've never heard her say "Oh I cut out sugar and alcohol, limited carbs, worked out 3 times a week and I lost weight." I *HAVE*...
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    Picture of Robin from the NY Daily News

    Robin's argument with Linda Ronstadt is a CLASSIC talk show segment on Leno's show, because in those days things like that rarely happened. And from what I recall of it, Leno either stayed out of it or was pretty fair to Robin in terms of respecting that she was there as a guest and not to be...
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    Dominic Barbara Arrested

    Who the hell took this glamour mugshot, Annie Leibovitz??? Talk about fancy! Did he go to the makeup trailer first? Jesus! :smug:
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    David Arquette Back to Form Today

    I heard about 10 mins. of it; wasn't bad. But one thing that kind of surprises me is that he keeps getting work, LOL. It sounds like he has set himself with other businesses to the point where acting is supplementary, but for some reason every time he announces a new Hollywood project, I'm...