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    MLB 2021 Thread

    I agree. This sucks! The good news is that my local FM station, WJZ-FM is now straming the games online with reasonable audio quality. This is new. I may not need S/XM any more.
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    Digital Radio Central & COVID-19

    The DRC protein team still exists. Please consider donating some of your computer capability to research the COVID-19 pandemic. We are team #49633. If you are not familiar with this, I refer you to this ancient thread...
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    Contact manager

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I found Windows Contacts in Win 7 but that of course doesn't address the calendar issue so I am going to try iCloud.
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    Contact manager

    Thanks for the comments. I understand how gmail could manage the contacts but what about the calendar? Thanks again.
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    Contact manager

    My family has 3 iPhones. The computer that I used for iTunes to manage them had a hard drive failure. I had my iTunes library backed up so I have not lost any music. The dead computer had Microsoft Outlook which I used to manage our contacts list & calendar. I am starting over with another...
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    Favorite harmony vocals...

    Next, the Mag Men: ‪The Magnificent Men - Peace Of Mind.wmv‬‏ - YouTube
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    Favorite harmony vocals...

    I would like to contribute 2. First, the Persuasions.... ‪Persuasions - The Sun (Acappella)‬‏ - YouTube
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    Favorite harmony vocals...

    Sirius/XM has 3 hours/week devoted to vocal group harmony AKA 'Doo Wop'. 9PM Eastern Sunday on chan 5. The Cool Bobby B DooWop Stop Radio Show
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    Netflix question

    +1 on old BSG via Netflix & yes, I can simultaenously stream through my BR player and a computer.....even works well on my iPhone.
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    AARP and Concord Music Group Launch New Online Offerings for Music Lovers 50+

    I'll give it a try XM ch.5 used to be my favorite channel. Now I can't stand it. Maybe these people will play the early 1950s music that we used to hear on XM.
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    TapTalk for iPhone, BB and Android

    Count me in too. I would like to use it here. Thanks
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    Web Radio Classics

    If you like oldies, you might give this new station a try. It plays everything from the 1950s through the 1980s. Also there are comedy bits from The Joy Boys (Ed Walker & Willard Scott) weekdays at 1215 & 2015 EDT. This station is a tribute to the former NBC O&O in Washington, DC. The...
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    Sirius XM Premium Internet App Update (ver 1.3.3) iOS4 Tested (7-13-10)

    OK I have been using this for 2 days now. The multitasking works great & IMO is a welcome improvement. The buffering is significantly improved BUT AT&T still can't seem to keep up with it everywhere. I really wish that there was an option to slow it down. I can listen to Radio Caroline at...
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    New iOS4 (Released 6-21-2010)

    I just did two identical 32gb 3GS phones from the same (Windows XP) computer. The first one was done in about 15 minutes and works fine. The second one stopped halfway through while trying to install an Apple USB driver. I had to do a complete restore which took well over an hour...
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    Single Ring Alarm?

    OK I tried the calendar & that will work for me. I am a little disappointed that I can't assign any ringtone to it (I was hoping to use the Radio Caroline Bell) but the function is just fine. Thanks for your advice.