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    New SXABB2 Portable Sound System is out!

    How far do you want to "Extend"?
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    New SXABB2 Portable Sound System is out!

    The antenna plugs into the back of the radio and has abaout 20 feet of cable to expand to. You could always unplug the antenna and use additional extension cables to extend the distance or a antenna repeater to wirelessly connect the boom box to an antenna. This works the same as most other...
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    New SXABB2 Portable Sound System is out!

    Finally got around to getting this boom box for my Lynx unit. It is really nice. smaller and lighter than the old boom box that I had with my stiletto. I had been using my old one with the Aux cable input, but since TSS had a Sweet deal on the unit I could not resist! Thanks Taylor for the...
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    Lynx Update!

    I was gone away for a week and what a surprise it was to see the upgrade. Upgraded this morning and S W E E T Scheduled Recording is FINALLY HERE! The Browser is a Bonus! Logged into my web email and it worked too! I'm glad to see Sirius is finally giving this unit the features it...
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    How to get ESN from in-dash radio?!

    For My Dodge Grand Caravan, the procedure was outlined in the owners manual. It was not easy. You had to push several buttons which gave you the 1st 4 digits then some different combination to get the next 4 etc. I cannot remember all the details, but the owners manual did a pretty good job of...
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    Lynx Update

    New Update 4/30/2012 Tonight when I plugegd my Lynx into my home dock, it said it had another update. The update ran quickly less than 10 minutes and it rebooted a few times. Here are the latest Versions. It seems to be minor revisions. Application Version 01.00.205 Baseband Firmware...
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    SiriusXM Introduces the Lynx Portable Radio, the First SiriusXM 2.0 Radio that Offers

    I'm surprised it was even on display. I thought Best Buy was only selling this model on-line only! The problem with it in the store, is that it is usually only setup in Demo Mode, where you don't get the look and feel of the unit. This unit really takes some time to find out all the bells...
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    SiriusXM LYNX Install Prep

    Here was my post on my install. More details on SiriusXM Lynx - Page 39 - Digital Radio Central I basically used my same bracket I made for my stiletto, The screws did not match up so I took a piece of cardboard and marked the screw positions on the Lynx Car Dock and then re-drilled the new...
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    Replacement USB Power Connector

    You know, they did not have a replacement cable, but I did not ask for a solution.... Perhaps, someone might of known that I could get the galaxy 30 pin cable. Although, it is not an exact match or the data part of the cable should of worked. I think at least only the +5 and Ground do match up...
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    Replacement USB Power Connector

    Now that I know the connector is the same as the Galaxy, there are a few products available to allow you to make custom cables. Great for Experimenting.. Kineteka eStore. Samsung Galaxy Tab Connector
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    Lynx Home Dock Not Docked...

    You don't need a memory card to record, The Micro Sim card I thought was only for your music to play. The radio has memory for radio replays. That is the only way to record, no Love Button (Yet).
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    Replacement USB Power Connector

    At work I use my Lynx without a dock via Wifi and it does not have enough juce to work all day. I wanted to get a second USB connector so I can plug it into my computer to keep the battery charged throughout the day. I tried Crutchfield, who told me to call Audiovox, Audiovox told me to call...
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    Lynx Home Dock Not Docked...

    I just found an interesting feature about the Lynx Home Dock. Your radio does not need to be plugged into the Dock to work. The Radio talks to the Dock Via Blue Tooth. If you pull the radio out the dock still plays the radio via bluetooth. It won't charge unless you use the USB connector...
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    SiriusXM Customer Service Issues

    The supervisor route is how I got my multi-radio discount on my Lynx Radio since I was Stiletto Sirius Subscriber. 45 minutes and talking to supervisor did this trick.
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    Sirius S50 Bitmap Converter

    I see Jeff Russo's links no longer work. I'll look around and see if I have some of what I did with that program still around, and if so, I'll repost it. That was a fun project we did a few years ago. I'm hoping someone is able to figure out how this new LYNX radio works. I'm sure we can do...