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    Clear Channel changes (only on XM)

    it looks like clear channel is simulcasting their iheartradio streams. i was listening on the way home from work and they sounded like the exact ads i hear when i listen to iheartradio on my iphone (sorry...mel, im not paying $3 more a month to get satellite radio on my phone)
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    Samsung to Incorporate Sirius XM App Into Televisions

    not to be a downer, while i'm glad to see SXM starting to penetrate other markets outside of automobiles and satellite distribution, unless they plan to offer a discounted price, I don't think it'll help that much with increasing subscribers. When was the last time you listened to radio via a...
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    On the top of that website it says: I don't see why it won't work. I think the TVersity feature is only for those that want to push it out to their PS3s/XBOX360/other home theater equipment.
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    Sirius WANTS to raise rates

    Hits 1 and 20on20 simulcast for half the time and they are only available on their own respective service, so that's not really an issue. Pop2K is the decades channel of the 00s. There used to be huge overlap between Pop2K and 20on20 in 2008 and 2009, but since the decade ended, they pretty...
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    i hate to say this, but after the upgrade, the streaming infrastructure was completely changed. this pretty much killed off all the third party apps (except for those whose developers released an immediate update).
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    The Pulse was live at 2AM on a Monday morning?

    pretty much. think of it as a mp3 playlist. you drag a few songs into the mix, then insert a voice over, drag more songs, and repeat. that's the main concept behind it. the voicetracking software is more sophisticated and offers features such as what would be the scheduled air time, so that...
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    What XM Radio for use with Sirius FM Direct Wired Connection

    i know for a fact that the Delphi SkyFi and Pionner Inno/Samsung Helix don't have the FM mod connection, so stay away from those. in all honesty, i don't remember if XM ever adopted a FM output plug like sirius...maybe someone else on the board has more info?
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    The Pulse was live at 2AM on a Monday morning?

    that sounds more like it. i guess i'm still surprised at the quick production turnaround time for the voice track. I always thought that the programs were done a few days ahead of time. and ditto on the voice track screw ups. i've heard that happen a few times on Sirius XM. its particularly...
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    Live DJ on The CoffeeHouse?

    :rofl: they only do that for their halloween specials.
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    Online video SiriusXM studios tour NYC

    I haven't seen anything for NYC, but if you're interested in the DC studio, there is a corporate studio tour video of XM over at XMFan. It looks like it was done around XM's launch (maybe for investors?), so some of the equipment (all those Apple Cinema Displays and PowerMacs) is outdated. Go...
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    Sirius and XM Radio Finally merge into one website.

    Thanks for pointing that now. I didn't even notice it! It looks like they are still selling Sirius equipment, but you have to go to it from to get to that portion of the site. There doesn't appear to be any easily accessible links visible on the SiriusXM Store front page...
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    Live DJ on The CoffeeHouse?

    It might be Live to Tape? I know the Coffee House Live series is pre-taped in front of a live audience...
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    The Pulse was live at 2AM on a Monday morning?

    I'm listening to The Pulse right now and Kim Ashley just made a reference to Christina Aguilera forgetting a verse of The Star Spangled Banner during the Super Bowl earlier tonight. Are they doing this live? I always thought The Pulse was voicetracked...
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    Valentine’s Radio

    so in other words...Sirius XM love is playing the same thing it plays on a regular day. what? it stops in the middle of the night?? what if people aren't..."done"...when the music stops at 3am?? :jump: :roflmao:
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    Sirius and XM Radio Finally merge into one website.

    It took almost three years but Sirius XM Radio has finally merger both and I made a post about this the other night, while visiting I saw the new site but it was quickly removed so I removed the post not wanting to report false information. Besides a the new...