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    Nationwide in Montreal

    I actually really enjoyed this race. I agree too many cautions, but when they were racing there was some great side by side racing especially between Ranger and Edwards. The finish was also pretty exciting. As long as there are drivers from Quebec, people will keep coming out regardless of...
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    Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at The Glen Thoughts/Predictions

    Ha, its is more like "Go team Commonwealth!!!" :o (Allmendinger's wife is Canadian)
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    Alex Hayden

    Alex was just on talking with Moody. Apparently someone decided to pull a u turn on the highway right in front of him. Sounds like he is pretty banged up, but other wise okay.
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    The Rain Debate

    I could not see running the rest of the race on Monday for only for 27 laps. I was at the race and honestly I did not hear a single person bitching about the race being called, at least from the people sitting around me in turn one. Even tailgating afterward the consensus seemed to be that the...
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    Lenox Industrial Tools 301 Thoughts/Predictions

    Hmmm, I am hoping that Elliot Saddler does well. I also hope that Tommy Baldwin does not park his car with a mysterious vibration only 40 laps in like at Pocono. (I am a Carpentier fan first) I am going to be at this race so what I hoping for most of all is nice weather!
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    Tragic News For SNR Fans; David Poole Has Passed

    I will miss the man and his opinion. I might not have always agreed with him, but I always respected his love of nascar. All my best to Mr. Poole's family.
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    Morning Drive Personal Stuff

    No prob, I read this piece a while back: The Daly Planet: John Kernan Comes Out Swinging (I forgot to quote Easy's last post)
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    Morning Drive Personal Stuff

    What? Kernan is back? Or do you mean Rick Benjamin? I have not listened to TP in a while, but I thought Kernan burned his bridges when he left.
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    C. Payne

    Chris just called in to TMD and apologized for his inbred comment yesterday.
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    If you want to know your fantasy racing score before Yahoo! posts it

    Cool. Thank you for posting the link.
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    TMD - You can call but you can't talk about it.

    I agree, it's a call in show and there would be no show without callers and overall, I think they are pretty good at letting callers state their case. But I can also see DP's side in that I think he has said everything that he is going to say on the subject and he does do not want to debate the...
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    Claire Lang

    True, but I still hope it gets better. I enjoy getting my pre race coverage from sirius, however, as I stated I was not overly impressed with Claire's pre race show. Postman was great as usual.
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    Claire Lang

    I am a relatively newbie to this forum, but I wanted to throw in my two cents. I am going hold judgment for now, although I was not overly impressed with Claire's pre race coverage on Sunday. Her delivery style almost seemed awkward at points. But she does have some big shoes to fill (no pun...