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    Dickie's 500 Thoughts/Predictions

    Hopefully he will do the same next week
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    Songs that won't die

    YouTube - Supertramp- Take The Long Way Home
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    2010 Nationwide COT Pics

    Chevy won't put Camaro stickers on their cars? Is Nascar really helping to sell Impalas?
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    Allmendinger is charged with DWI

    LOL, he would've needed to flip his car in a ditch first.
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    What's bothering Howard Stern?

    Yep Howard is mad that he won't get another $100 million dollar bonus to be on Iphone, but it definetaly has to do with $$$$
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    Team J.D. or Team Ronnie?

    I am sick of this "Schtick" it gives me "Douche Chills".
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    worst HSS week ever

    Artie's incurable ulcer flaired up after he ate a bag of Peanut M&M's and a sausage Mcmuffin
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    Fewer two-week vacations?

    Labor day week
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    Price Chopper 400 Thoughts/Predictions

    Everytime I skip watching a race Stewart wins
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    Mark 'The Kid' Martin

    If Mark didn't look like he was 70 noone would comment
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    Price Chopper 400 Thoughts/Predictions

    I have a Price Chopper down the street from me. When you shop there you earn money off Sunoco gas. Everyone I know is saving atleast 50 cents per gallon, people are gonna be pissed when this promotion ends.
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    New Bubba Box Set

    I preordered 5
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    That guy fighting Rodney King

    Artie has no musculature, he is pure fat
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    Chase B!tch Thread

    I like the chase lineup this year, the only way it would be better is if Johnson wasn't there.
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    Petty?yates merging

    Didn't Penske buy Saturn? I thought they were talking to Nascar about eventually racing Saturns.