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    Premium Streaming Down?

    Haven't looked at the stream quality, but I'm not seeing any of the Best of XM channels this morning on my premium streaming account. Must be having some online issues.
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    Confused by the SIRIUS XM Mirge Radio? Me Too

    I would love if they would put out an interoperable portable, but don't ever expect to see one. I really want to get a Mirge since I have both a Sirius and XM on my nightstand in the bedroom and am having to constantly swap from one to the other depending on what I listen to. I love baseball on...
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    Where is the Howard forum?

    When you join the group for the xL forums, make sure to log out of DRC and log back in. That worked for me.
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    Will you get the Mirge radio when it comes out in the Spring

    Two years ago I would have bought one, but with the merger and combination of channels I don't have a real need for something like this. Plus I am more interested in units like the Inno and Stiletto where I can put podcasts or my own music on them if I want.
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    SIRIUS XM Radio Announces Holiday Channel Lineup

    It will not be the same this year without Special XMas :(
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    Your Top 5 XM Channels Are.....

    1. The Virus 2. Big Tracks 3. Top Tracks 4. 80's on 8 5. Boneyard