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    How long have you had satellite radio?

    I have had it since September 2005 with a old JVC Reciver once that bit the dust then I got a Stratus 5 in 2008 and in November I added the BOXM onto my Stratus.
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    Hooking my Stratus 5 to a laptop

    Hey guys, normally when I am home I listen to sirius through my computer but on Saturday i took my computer to the shop to get a video card installed and have the computer upgraded since then I have been unable to listen to Sirius on my Stratus 5 with audio. I am running on a laptop until I get...
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    Your local FM market

    They are still there like KNAC broadcasting what they did back in the day.
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    Got a I still need Satrad?

    I am glad to hear ATL is doing well with the droid. I personally am looking into it and from what I am reading it is a kick ass device. Hopefully MLB will have a better at bat app for 2010 for the droid.
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    Call Me Crazy, But AOL & Yahoo Radio Could Be Better Than Slacker

    +1 here and AOL is too top 40ish for me.
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    Best alternative to recieve MLB ???

    I agree otherwise I would get the Mirge or go to XM exclusively. Another option obivously the at bat app and MLB.TV premium you get both feeds video and audio so you could listen to your o's announcers or pick and choose who you want.
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    Clear Channel wants Howard

    No way in hell he joins if he does hell freezes over personally I dont listen to him but he is somebody that isnt a censorship comittee boy.
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    Call Me Crazy, But AOL & Yahoo Radio Could Be Better Than Slacker

    Everybody has their own tastes personally I find AOL and Yahoo interesting but they rarely play the deeper stuff like Slacker does.
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    Slacker radio links with ABC News

    I think Slacker is going to continue to focus on music, however since Air America is now toast they could have a progressive talk station that is internet only.
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    iPhone on VZW

    I really hope this is true because I would love to have one of these things and with verizon they seem to have a better network then at&t in my eyes. BTW if you ask where I have been I have been busy so thats why I havent been posting here in a while.
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    oh no, another one bites the dust

    Yep and they will talk about another scummy human being gone from the planet which is disgusting. Thank god for Liberal Talk Radio :bigthumbup:
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    Woodstock Channel to take over Deep Tracks next weekend

    Definetly and I think the WTD guys need to have a special edition of the channel.
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    Woodstock Channel to take over Deep Tracks next weekend

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Your Favorite Classic Rock Songs
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    What happened here?

    I hope the NAB didnt attack this site.