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    Palm Beach, say hello to your new neighbor — shock jock Howard Stern!

    The Sterns of Palm Beach omg! Celebrity gossip, news photos, babies, couples, hotties, and more - omg! from Yahoo! Oh no that Stern :bigahh: I can only imagine the spread he would have bought if they only paid him the money they owed him and that he feels he deserved. By his...
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    Howards Begging ?

    Howard Stern's wife won't renew their wedding vows despite his 'begging' - National howard stern | Hope he has a real good pre-nup, she might be getting tired of his old azz !
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    What did I miss ?

    Yup he loves his fans the same way he loves his staff, from a distance !
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    What did I miss ?

    When did we go to two days a week ? Just read that Howard regrets re-signing for AGT , so does most of his audience. :bigahh:
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    Stern back live January 2

    Cant wait to hear him complain about working Thursday & Friday, oh the inhumanity !
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    Missing Person Alert

    Hey Now! Howard has made a career out of complaining, seems only fair that his fans get a shot at complaining about the complainer. I did a quick count of Howards 'work schedule' and it seems he will be working a whopping 119 days this year (somebody double check my math) that is actually...
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    Missing Person Alert

    Hey Now! That would be about 2 1/2 shows per week, sweet deal ! I guess I shouldnt complain to much at least AGT is giving him something to talk about. I was getting tired of him ragging on Ronnie and JD all the time.
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    Missing Person Alert

    March 1st, 2012 can anybody tell me how many days Howard has worked this year. Please only count the radio show, not AGT. Cant believe that he has the balls to do a two day week, first time it happened I bite my tounge but this time, come on Howard get Fecking real. :bigahh:
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    Howard Stern to have Herman Cain on the show?

    Hey Now! It could have been great, instead its just another lame bit. James
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    "Colon Cleansing May Actually Kill You"

    Hey Now You are talking about someone who was bent over a sink in a bathroom, if it kills her she will die with a smile on her face. :omfg:
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    Where is Dominic Barbara?

    Hey Now! If you miss Dominic, watch the HBO Special, "There's something wrong with Aunt Diane". I wonder if some of his legal troubles are connected to that case, seems there was a little difference of opinion between him and the investigator he hired regarding results of some tests. JMO
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    Somebody help me understand this

    Does Howard work ten weeks or does he get ten weeks vacation, because it seems between his 3/4 schedule and his vacation that he is never on live. Just saying
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    hey not now Is this really Revolution ? It feels more like I joind AARP and move to Florida anyone up for the early bird special ?
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    After a weeks vacation only 3 days :bigahh:
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    Just tuned in, what did Benji do today now?

    Hey Now In the end, artie wasn't much of an artie either. The show will survive without either of them. JMO