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    NSAL does place thousands of animals in to homes every year, fact they have placed nearly 1 million animals. They run their adoption vehicles all over the northeast placing animals in to homes. I don't understand the bashing of NSAL that goes on here simply because of Beth Stern's connection to...
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    5/3/11 Show

    George Carlin ? lol I was never a big fan except for late in his life.
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    5/3/11 Show

    Racist ? Really??
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    5/3/11 Show

    I have been complaining about the show lately but wow, I thought todays show was a home run. I turned it on this morning and couldn’t turn it off. Nick Di Paolo was funny, I do hope they give him a show.
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    Is it safe to say that most of us are simply listening to howard out of habit?

    He may make 5 years it but a lot of us will not. I listen less and less now. I turned it on this morning and heard Howard give his opinion on wedding dresses followed by how he and robin did not understand why people hit the streets in NYC and DC to celebrate UBL's death. I lasted 4 minutes...
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    Bobo (of all people) made an excellent point today

    ] yet he can't wait to post the next underwear or bath pic of her on twitter. The whole thing is weird. What kind of husband is going to post sexy pics of his wife so other guys can oggle her and what kind of wife would let that happen?
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    RUMOR: Scott Ferrall's last day at Sirius XM could be Friday According to CPT Thunder

    If thats true then that states the problem he has quite clearly. A sports talk guy who can't make it on a sports talk channel should look for another line of work.
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    The New Schedule revealed...

    A 3rd voice might make no difference too. All I know from my point of view is GT and Arquette are instant channel changers for me. They aren't interesting to me and I do not give a sh!t about either of them. Just because someone can sit in on the show all week doesn’t mean they should. This...
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    The New Schedule revealed...

    I listen about 20 minutes a day now. Thats sad
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    The New Schedule revealed...

    This will last for exactly 2 weeks, then its 3 days a week every week
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    RUMOR: Scott Ferrall's last day at Sirius XM could be Friday According to CPT Thunder

    Ferrall has been dumped from a lot of stations over the years and it wouldn't surprise me if it happens again with Sirius. He can't hold on to listeners over the long term. I dont know why that is, he is unique. He should not have been on H101, he should have been one ofthe sports channels.
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    Kara DioGuardi Interview

    Now I know who to blame for all the crap music on the radio
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    Attention residents of canada

    I seen this today on an entry form for a contest @ ATTENTION RESIDENTS OF CANADA: as required by Canadian law, you will need to correctly answer, unaided the arithmetic skill-testing question below as a condition of receiving a prize. What is (3+3) x (4-1)? :rofl2::2funny:
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    Apple keeping a record of everywhere you go

    its not just the StevePhone, its any phone with GPS. Turning on encryption in iTunes is not solving the problem when 1) the data is being sent back to Apple and 2) the data lives on the iPhone ready for scanning by anyone with the correct hardware. See my post about Michigan police
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    One Hour of Ronnie

    That was wild - she is messed up indeed. But that story had to come to a quik end because they HAD to get to the HTV bim. Jeez.