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    Which Scenerio would you like to see happen?

    Im in ...a toss up on these so i thought i would like to see what you guys thought, i made it multiple choice for those who have a hard time choosing.
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    I like it when nickelback is on octane, not on any mainstream top 40 station
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    Is BPM getting better again?

    BPM is not its old self from when i first subscribed to XM but has BPM improved from say 5/6 months ago, in your opinion?
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    What Non-NFL City should get a Super Bowl?

    i picked LA but i really would say that if i choose other, i would say knoxville, tennessee with theyre stadium that holds over 100000, that would be a pretty attentence record :p
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    The System

    Is there a way that we could get The System back on satellites? Its really a great Trance and Electronica station. Especially with BPM turning into the Beat and Area is good but The System is so much better. What do you guys think? Is this even worth getting my feathers ruffled over?
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    Sirius XM Stars Too (Sirius 108, XM 139)

    Does anybody other than me on these forums listen to this channel? Its a good alternative for when The Virus or Howard are having borefest.
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    pandora shortcut

    does anybody know if you can get a pandora shortcut put on your desktop? if so, how?
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    BPM becoming The Beat?

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! i heard a maroon 5 remix earlier on BPM, i recorded it on my skifi 3 just to show people the shittiness of it.
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    Your Updated Presets... and missing links in them.

    My XM presets A 1. XM 20 on 20 2. Kiss 3. Mix 4. The Pulse 5. Radio Disney 6. BBC Radio One (would be U-Pop) 7. The Highway 8. 80s on 8 9. 90s on 9 10. Pop 2k B 1. BPM 2. Area 3. The Strobe (would be The System) 4. Alt Nation 5. Faction (would be Fungus, but i would keep...
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    Your Updated Presets... and missing links in them.

    Now that the channel merging and everything else is pretty well set in, How are your latest presets? How much does it differ from before the best of package and all the channels merging and some going away and moving around? Are there still missing channels that you want to come back? (the...
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    The Joint?

    You wanna go offensive, they should call it Ya Mon!
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    Your National Champion?

    i'm not a texas fan, but theyre only loss came from a last second luck touchdown by tech so my vote would go towards them.
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    U-Pop vs. BBC Radio One

    No, no talk of any of them going away, i'm just disappointed they put u-pop (and the system) online only
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    :confused:I have been an XM listener for awhile now, I was wondering what Boombox was like, i never got to experience it but have heard good things.
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    U-Pop vs. BBC Radio One

    Which channel would you rather have playing in your car?