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    The Dumb Dodo Thread

    I like the views from my computer thank you.
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    Various Thoughts

    I remember exactly where I was when kennedy died and they're were rolling. I was having lunch in my car and also rolling on the floor.
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    Is Siriusxm Worth Subscribing Again?

    Happy 4th y'all. So after late lunch with the folks, who previously had sirius in their used kia, showed me a deal they received. 5 bucks a month for 12 months, with an echo dot on the select package. I set them up and showed them how to use the app. What a deal!!! What deal will I get after my...
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    The Dumb Dodo Thread

    Kanye for prez!!!! Yes, about time eh.
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    We're All Going to Die

    Daaah! I had 4 ticekts too. What's he got 1 hit? And a lesser hit? Does he rock that big songs 3 times. One at the beginning, middle, and closer?
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    Channel change(s) Tuesday June 16?

    Where's my wu tang channel. come on greeinstein. It's time. they have 3 times the material as any of these one of channel artists. I frkn have 40 albums, and that's what's left over from the stuff I sold back.
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    What Does This Have To Do With The Show?

    Imagine it, 2006, Artie is there, benji is in the studio, and the tv crew and news crew are in the house. Walker the news man rips a nice juicy fart and richard is there to record it. The string of fart songs stream in like moths.
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    Has the XMp3 been discontinued?

    So since the service is free for the week I launched that Helix up. It sounds better than the Inno. It pops harder and has a wider breadth of sound. It takes a couple more clicks on the volume upward for the inno to match the helix and that pushes the inno near the top of the volume range. I...
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    We're All Going to Die

    I think people don't understand what the worst effects look like. It's tough to get any camera shots in closed hospitals or health care management homes. I've only seen one background shot on the cbs 6:30 show. A person suffering while tubed up and white crusty lips did it for me. That should be...
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    What Does This Have To Do With The Show?

    Walker fart bit. The covers mixed with his gassy sounds had her rolling in the car. It was hard to drive.
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    Pizza Chains

    Saw that piece on Oliver. What a tool bag. Is he wearing make up??
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    We're All Going to Die

    Just played tennis with 8 people, 4 with no masks, all over 60 years old. Huh.
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    How is it? Looks pretty bulky. Do you guys get a signal good enough to work portably?
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    Anyone listen to Turbo 41? I'm a hip hop guy but that channel cooks. There are few if no channel breaks between songs. Just straight ahead hard bodied rock.
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    BestBuy is getting ready for launch of SiriusXM Tour 360L plug and play radio

    This thing is for cars only? Or will there be a home dock? Sounds and looks cool. If it was portable as well I'd look at it.