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  • DM,

    Thanks for recording and posting those David Poole shows, they're great!

    The other reason I'm messaging you is that tomorrow is Dale Earnhardt Day and in the past SIRIUS NASCAR Radio has broadcast from DEI and done some great interviews with drivers and crew reminiscing about The Intimidator. Unfortunately they never record and make this available to the public.

    If possible, could you record Sirius Speedway tomorrow and make the show available to us or for me as you did the Poole shows? I'd love to hear all the Dale stories and memories the NASCAR family has of him! Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

    P.S. - Nice to see another die hard NASCAR fan from Canada!
    Hi Dexter - could I get a copy of both shows? I'm listening for the replay as I type this but it looks like they cancelled it since they have Tradin' Paint on instead.

    Here's my eail addy: peteandrhonda@att.net

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