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    DAB, you are making way too many assumptions and all of them are wrong. I won't even entertain you with a response to that post because you paint me as being something that I am not. Honestly, I don't believe that I could think any less of you right now. If only the ignore feature worked on mods.
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    Friday Theories

    Well, I guess you didn't catch the sarcasm in there. Yes I love sleeping in but I rather there be [good] love programming in the morning. IMO Jay is unlistenable. I tried today and had to turn it off after 5-10 minutes.
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    Post whore in this thread

    I followed your directions and posted whore in this thread. What more do you want?
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    Tom Taylor and "The Ferret" sitting in a tree

    Holy shit, this is great. Taylor, that was a great call/segment.
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    Post your presets

    Wow, you people with all of your presets. I have the following: 1: Margaritaville 2: Reggae Rhythms 3: Howard 100 4: Howard 101 5: Classic Vinyl
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    How many radios do you have on your account?

    5 in total.
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    720p VS 1080i/p Resolutions

    Oh, OK. No I understand. I quickly looked it up (after my last post) and I didn't see it explained that well (easy to understand).
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    New XM/Sirius Truck Antenna (NSFW)

    Oh, OK, I understand. No, it looks more like a vibrator than a finger to me.
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    720p VS 1080i/p Resolutions

    Oh wow, I stand corrected. I had no idea that they were still considered CRTs. You learn something new every day. :bigthumbup:
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    Tom Taylor and "The Ferret" sitting in a tree

    Yeah, I realized that you were kidding. However, I do believe that you want Ferret. :p
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    2008 World Series

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    Tom Taylor and "The Ferret" sitting in a tree

    My brother (an "adopted" brother) used to wear bikini underwear. I had no idea and one day we were in a store (him, my mother, and myself) and I threw a pair at him and made a comment about them (I have no idea what the comment was). Later that day my mom told me that he wears them. A week...
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    720p VS 1080i/p Resolutions

    DLP is projection. I don't know how you can possibly have a projection CRT though.
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    Tom Taylor and "The Ferret" sitting in a tree

    A Speedo or bikini underwear