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    2013 NCAA Tourney Pick'Em

    NO SHOCK LAST NIGHT. (well other than russ smith missing free throws. and being down most of the game. hendo hitting threes was not shocking) #3 on monday night!
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    2012 NCAA Tourney Pick'Em

    ...and the collective sigh from the fanbase could be heard all the way in portland. when i say that a good chunk of fans were seriously worried about losing that game, i'm not kidding. people were really uptight and nervous considering our first round flameouts the last two years. including...
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    2012 NCAA Tourney Pick'Em

    i'm making a bold prediction right here, right now: i will NOT be defending my title this year. i hate my picks. i try never to put my team in the final 4, especially the championship game. but guess where i have the university of louisville fighting cardinals? losing to carolina in the...
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    "Android is a malware cesspool"

    ...and macs don't get viruses either. let's just say this much: stupid computer/virus users will get viruses and malware on their devices regardless of what operating system they are using.
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    maybe it will be time to merge forums

    i've been listening more and more through my phone (meaning online only content, no games) and i kinda feel that i am not getting my money's worth out of the stiletto 100 when i got it- poor reception without using the in-ear dagger headset and very little software upgrades from the time i...
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    Osama Bin Laden is Dead!

    how its done right
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    2011 NCAA Tourney Pick'Em

    you want to know something really, i dunno how to put it, not right? after louisville lost, i completely tuned out. and after yuk went on that run, i avoided the tournament completely. in other words, other than literally from the second game of the tournament to the last game, i had no...
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    Sirius WANTS to raise rates

    i heard some early 90s music on pop2k sunday, no kidding. my display said pop2k, there was a backspin promo but it was not backspin. maybe it was because it was after the super bowl (btw, it really pissed me off that i couldn't hear the postgame show for the packers radio network. it was the...
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    Jailbreak for Life may be on the way

    believe it or not, i want no part of the ip4. that magic spot on the phone that apple acknowledges but pretty much refuses to fix is a dealbreaker for me. people shouldn't be forced to buy an accessory just to get basic function. i don't care how sexy it looks or what features it has. it...
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    Jailbreak for Life may be on the way

    I jailbreak because it's the only way I can have my 3GS on t-mobile, which is a shame. everything else is pretty much secondary.
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    iP4 Jailbreak is finally out

    as long as the hackers come up with ways to make using the idevices better they're always going to be well ahead of apple. i'd say that apple is 3 years behind the j/b community
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    iP4 Jailbreak is finally out

    it does, but only if you are running a bunch of apps in the background. my itouch 2g has been jailbroken since it was able to be untethered. i haven't been using it much lately, but it's taken 5-6 days to go from 100% to 40%. my iphones have lost a bunch of power in a day but i understand...
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    iPhone coming to Verizon in January

    then again this is apple we are talking about. they do things in their own way. in appleworld, do the actions that verizon have taken over the years make them deserving of the precioussess? officially, i don't care. but in my opinion it looks highly unlikely verizon would get it next, not...
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    iPhone coming to Verizon in January

    this keep in mind, there is another cdma carrier network in this country. there is an equal chance sprint is getting the iphone as verizon if this all means anything. besides i think verizon is highly unlikely. verizon spent how many ad dollars slamming the iphone directly (the idon't ads)...
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    iP4 Jailbreak is finally out

    ^^^ the main reason why i would have to seriously think about getting an iphone 4 should it come out on t-mobile. even though i have invested in dozens of apps, the antenna issue is a quite obvious design flaw that apple arrogantly didn't care about or knew about and still green lit...