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    Howard is a genius, but....

    For all of Howard's great interviews, I found this one really frustrating. Howard just wouldn't let go of the fact that Cranston's father left for 10 years. I'd say Cranston is the one who turned this into a good interview and not Howard.
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    KC Armstrong on "The Artie Lange Show"

    Pretty interesting...
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    Respect my authoritah!!

    Earlier today Howard said something about Elisa Jordana that irritated Benji. Benji again tried to bring it up when a called mentioned it, Howard said to drop it, and Benji wouldn't. Gary came in yelling and demanding that Benji get out of the studio for the rest of the show since...
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    Jonah Hill in the "Artie Chair"

    For anyone who missed the interview...Jonah asked if he could sit in for a day and Howard said yes.
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    Jonah Hill in the "Artie Chair"

    Anyone think this will actually happen? Would you look forward to it? I think it could be a lot of fun and at least mix things up a bit.
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    Insightful Artie Interview

    It was a really good interview. Couple of stories we've all heard before on Stern but that didn't spoil the interview for me. I can understand Howard's point about not having him back on. However, I think Howard also knows it's would highlight how much better the show is when Artie is there...
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    WHA? Tim Sabean fired on May 1st??

    Tim Sabean is going to run the Opie and Anthony channel. At least that's what they were told in a meeting yesterday. Interesting.
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    I don't know how you guys do it!!

    The IO show is great. Consistently funny. Glad that they seem to be keeping the skanks to a minimum. The debriefing show really needs to get better. They need to continue following the template of the wrap up show and have someone pulling clips to play during their discussions.
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    Chris Martin/Coldplay interview

    +1 I almost started a Chris Martin thread just to bring this up yesterday but decided to just go back to listening. I can't stand Jason.
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    Feed crapping out...

    dammit. ok. thanks!!!
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    Feed crapping out...

    What am I missing? The past few days when trying to listen to the IO show all I'm getting is a replay of the FM show. Has the IO show been live?
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    So howard has been reduced to fat hoes for contest???

    I refuse to believe that the old lady that won was telling the truth. Her story was so outlandish, headaches if she doesn't suck a dude off? Come on! I will say that her constant use of the term "sugar" made my stomach turn. The first chick should have won simply because she's having...
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    Uncharted 3--less than a month away for PS3 owners

    IGN already released their review...
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    Battlefield 3 Releases tonight!

    Has anyone picked it up? I'm thinking that I'll pass on it and just wait for COD. If I was a PC gamer I'd definately be picking it up but since it was developed on PC and ported to consoles I think I'm going to pass/hold off on picking it up.
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    Thursday means only one thing...

    Bubba is about to have his ex-girlfriend Rebecca on the phone! He's been trying to get this done since back in the Sirius days! Coming up after the break!