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    new SIRIUS XM online player

    It is truly awful.
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    MLB games on SIRIUS this year?

    Because there is no basis to do so. MLB may be greedy and asking for too much, but that is their right. And it is SiriusXM's right not to accede to their demands.
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    MLB games on SIRIUS this year?

    MLB is the bad guy here, IMHO. They're already getting plenty of cash from SiriusXM, and should have allowed the games on Sirius via Best of XM without holding the company up for more.
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    60's on 6 beloved shows

    What gives you reason for optimism? They've ruined the 60's on 6, and I don't have any reason to believe that things will change under Zellner's watch.
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    Starplayr & uSirius are no longer available

    StarPlayr depended upon its own servers as well as the online radio streams.
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    Premium Billing Question

    Yes, they finally fixed it last evening. The lifetime folks are still apparently stuck at 32K for now, though.
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    Official Sirius|XM iPhone Application - News, Rumors, Specifications, etc.

    Yep, just checked, and it is still there at $7.99. Of course, it doesn't specify that you get 128K for that -- it may be an additional $2.99 to move beyond 32K?
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    I need help please?

    It's not you -- XM has had issues handling this. I paid for the $2.99 upgrade last Wednesday, and did not get the 128K option available until last evening. As noted, make sure that (if you have multiple radios on your account) the radio ID set up for XMRO premium on your account is the one...
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    Why does it still say 32K on my online stream?

    It's not just lifetimers. I upgraded my account with the $2.99 premium option early in the morning...still no 128 option showing up, just the 32K and the continuing message I need to upgrade. Customer service advises "patience" as they work things out. Pretty shoddy, really. But I guess...
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    no change yet?

    Well...your needs/uses are not everyone's. It is indeed a rather big deal for anyone who listens to streamed music as opposed to talk.
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    Starplayr & uSirius are no longer available

    Compete on do many for-pay services and applications competing with free alternatives. Whether the market is big enough is the question, of course. And if SiriusXM gave them a cease and desist, it's moot.
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    Starplayr & uSirius are no longer available

    Isn't it also possible that SiriusXM is partering with them in developing their "official" applications?
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    Starplayr & uSirius are no longer available

    Same here, but obviously this won't be the case for long.
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    "Something big is coming..."

    Go ask Mel...I think he'll know.
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    can someone explain Deep Tracks?

    +2 Deep Tracks is one of the few remaining reasons I stay a subscriber. Much better than the Vault.